Rama and Sita - Symbols of Eternal Love in Hinduism

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The trajectory of Rama and Sita narrated in the Ramayana , one of the greatest Hindu epic novels written by Valmiki between the 8th and 6th centuries BC, marks the birth of one of the most famous Indian rituals: Diwali , the Festival of Lights held in India to celebrate and remember the triumph of light over shadows, metaphor for knowledge over ignorance.

According to the Ramayana , Rama was a crown prince of Ayodhya, of the kingdom of Kosala, who was noted for both bravery and beauty. It featured light green skin, dark green hair and emerald green eyes, although in many representations it is interpreted in blue, as it is considered the 7th avatar of Vishnu , the one who protects the universe.

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Sita is described as the daughter of Bhumi (mother earth), who was adopted by King Janaka and Queen Sunaina of Videha (or Mithila ). Considered an avatar of Lakshmi and esteemed for her virtues, she was promised to marry whoever was able to lift and string Shiva 's great bow. Lifting it up and bending it to attach the string effortlessly, Rama broke it into pieces, winning Sita's love and the right to marry her.

Upon getting married, they were prevented from maintaining themselves in Ayodhya, one of the seven holy Indian cities ( Sapta Puri ), and were exiled by King Dasharatha in honor of the promises he made to his wife for saving his life: to banish his stepson Rama from the kingdom for 14 years and appoint his son Bharat, the king's youngest, as successor to the throne. This passage begins Rama's journey to a forest in southern India with Sita and Lakshmana, her brother.

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Ravana , the king of demons with ten heads, twenty arms, ten pairs of red eyes burning like embers and rows of yellow fangs, was enchanted by Sita's beauty and transformed the demon Marecha into a golden deer to kidnap her. Delighted, Sita asked Rama to capture him, who with the help of Lakshmana created a magic circle around him to keep her safe; but Sita was once more deceived by Ravana who, in the guise of an old man, made her come out of the circle of protection to take her to his island Lanka .

Rama and Lakshmana followed a trail of jewels left by Sita to find her and arrived at Hanuman , the king of the monkey army to whom they asked for help. Hanuman flew for a long time until he met Sita in Lanka, who gave him a pearl of her hair to encourage Rama. Upon returning, he gathered not only his army, but all animals to build an extensive bridge and fight the great battle that lasted ten days.

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Rama won by shooting an arrow into the heart of Ravana, with a sacred bow given by the gods, and together with Sita decided to return to Ayodhya, since the 14 years of exile had been fulfilled. To celebrate the welcome, the population of the kingdom of Kosala cleaned the streets, decorated them with colorful flower garlands and the ground with illuminated rangolis .

In each window a diva (lamp) was lit to guide them to the palace, leaving the impression that there were more lights in the city than stars in the sky. This moment is one of the most important in Hindu culture and is celebrated annually during autumn as the Festival of Lights or Diwali , to remember that the light of truth and goodness always overcome evil and darkness.

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The Ramayana is woven into seven books ( kandas ), 500 chapters ( sargas ) and 24,000 verses which characterizes it as one of the greatest literary works of ancient India. And although the story is constructed as an epic, its narrative is a metaphor for dharma values ​​and human relationships (family, love and social). In this context, Rama and Sita embody eternal love in Hinduism , built daily with respect, care and unconditional love.

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Possuo há mais 30 anos,uma estatueta ,em bronze com 4100g, de Sita e Rama.Podem fazer uma avaliação?Posso envusr-lhe foto.Eduardo.

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