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Art & Tune Decor - new physical store in Florianópolis


It was in 2012, with the opening of Art & Tune online store that we materialized the beginning of a great dream: to unite the meeting of different cultures It is craft works in local people The decoration art . A harmony it is part of our essence as a fundamental pillar for building well-being. And in that, we understand the home as a Temple that, through decoration, we cultivate.

Guided by the idea of ​​disseminating contact with different cultures by arte , in 2012, we planted the first seed of a dream that has been blossoming more and more and offering us beautiful fruits. After 9 years with an online store, opening our first physical store in Tupã/SP and open the doors of Café Decor . We started a new Cicle with our new physical store in the heart of Lagoa da Conceição , in Florianópolis/SC .

Opening of the second physical store in Florianópolis

Arte & Tune inaugurates a new store on Ilha da Magia.

After we opened the doors of the cozy Café Decor , bringing together the art , decoration It is gastronomy , we started a new cycle in Magic Island . On the Avenue Laurindo Januário da Silveira, number 201 , located in the charming neighborhood of Lagoa da Conceição is our third physical store. One dream that arose from the desire to continue deepening our exchanges more and more, through the eye to eye and closer contact with our customers. And so, we propose to our audience a new relationship with purchase, which values ​​your history, cultural value and the role of craftsman .

From this, we reaffirm the commitment and responsibility with our purpose of spreading art It is culture through well-being It's from host . Evidencing the welcome beyond the construction of a comfortable environment in your home, but also bringing you into contact with us at snuggle from our stores.

Shop with cozy interior space

Cozy atmosphere in our new physical store
Cozy environment of our new physical store.

Creating a link between nature, the artistic and the spiritual , on April 12, 2021, we started our new cycle in the neighborhood of Lagoon of Conceição in Florianópolis/SC . Surrounded by mountains, the store is in deep connection with our purpose of approximation of nature by art . And a beautiful example of this are our products from Bali , which bring this connection reflected by the intense colors through manual art.

In addition to a space of purchase , our customers are faced with a place of warmth and welcome . Which is in perfect harmony with our belief in the home as a place of refuge , where we can separate from the hectic life on the street and connect with our truth and inner peace .

Garden that invites you to relax and connect with the interior

The peace of a harmonized garden conveys relaxation
The peace of a harmonized garden conveys relaxation

The artificial lake with fish that our team treats with care, the trees , and the Zen objects that make up our garden provide us with the necessary connection to nature to provide us with relaxation and tranquility . Compliant with our welcoming purpose , we built a Zen Garden that invites you to pause. Pause and open up to the contemplation and serenity that nature offers us.

Connection and zen essence in the details

Essence of Zen and Spirituality in harmony in our new store
Zen essence and spirituality in tune in our new store

The product mix in our new physical store is as diverse as in online store . Offering masks , screens and panels for wall decoration. lanterns , sconces and lampshades for lighting. Handcrafted furniture such as benches , sideboards and tables. Sculptures , water fountains and vases for gardens . And also zen items like incense , mandalas and Buddhas .

A Art & Tune start your new Cicle in the middle of beauty nature from the Lagoa da Conceição , maintaining its zen essence . Is here, your presence so much in Virtual store and now in our new physical store are essential for us to continue treading a transforming path , to craftsmen , for us and for your home .

With love, we look forward to your visit at Art & Tune | Decor - Florianópolis/SC .


Victory Michels - Art & Tune



Sou satisfação plástica e tenho vários quadros uma arte que criei com máscaras gostaria de saber se vocês tem interesse tenho vários quadros prontos e estou vendendo por um preço especial!

Clarice Maria Chiarelli de Oliveira
Clarice Maria Chiarelli de Oliveira

Gostei muito dos artigos da loja de vcs….
Sou apreciadora desse estilo asiático, e tenho várias peças
Pena não terem uma loja física em São Paulo-S.P.

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