Stone art for zen interior decoration

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Stone is the oldest natural raw material used as a tool for artistic expression. From petroglyphs (drawings carved on rock surfaces) to figurative sculptures : art looms before our eyes, more evolved, presenting the transition in the way of sculpting, becoming three-dimensional (3D), favoring the transport and cultural exchange of art in different points of the world and historical periods.

In this context, even though sculpture is one of the plastic arts with greater expressiveness in antiquity, contemporaneity goes further and shows how versatile it can be to transform the zen space with products made by hand from stone. Sculptures , incense holders , candle holders and vats are just some of them that promise to make you achieve originality and balance.

Fat Buddha statue for garden

Happy Buddha Stone Sculpture includes elements of Zen and Feng Shui in garden decor.

If we pay attention to the Feng Shui decoration guidelines, we will always keep the stone element, especially in the garden . According to ancient oriental art, it stimulates positivity in connection with nature and emanates a low energy charge in external areas. We have already shown here how Feng Shui provides well-being combined with landscaping , so you can imagine its influence aligned with Zen concepts .

Beauty in essence, based on simplicity and high purpose , is enriched by the flowering of the divine nature represented through the sculpture of the Fat Buddha ( Hotei ). The energy neutrality of the stone gives space for the image of Buddha figured in the garden sculpture to emanate its peculiar generosity and attract abundance. However, by focusing on functionality, you will have a handmade product that is resistant to natural factors such as wind and rain.

Decoration with stone censer Hand of Buddha

The carved stone censer provides stability and security for incense purification.

Interior decoration is more attractive when the elements that make it up stimulate senses other than the visual. Therefore, essence purifiers and censers like this one in the shape of a stone hand are extremely welcome. The more rigid raw material aids in the stability of the piece, preventing it from toppling over and spreading the ashes of the incense .

The combination of weight together with the curvature of the cupped hand reinforces the safety of aromatherapy practice by allowing the incense holder to be positioned close to the window for the wind current to further spread the perfume inside and outside the environments. The utilitarian quality of stone also extends to the cleaning process, as the material can be easily washed without fear of altering aesthetic characteristics such as color.

Decorative stone candle holder rechaud

Simplicity of form and raw material reframe the concept of Zen in the design of decorative arts.

In the practice of Zen Buddhism there is a circle as a sacred symbol called Ensō . It is constantly referred to as the infinite circle , enlightenment , life, or union, although it is also present in Japanese calligraphy. This oriental art form is represented in the shape of this candle holder to connect you to the fullness and path of Zen .

The simplicity existing in the Zen concept is incorporated in the round shape of the candle holder and in the stone that structures it as a natural element. This essence, very common in Japanese gardens , makes lighting the environment by candlelight incorporate the feeling of welcome from the warm light inside, recognizing the transience of being and the divine nature in imperfection.

Rustic style stone sink

The rough stone bathroom tub connects the high purpose of zen to the decoration of utilitarian spaces.

The seemingly unfinished look of the almost raw stone that forms this support vat unites its usefulness with spirituality by representing the imperfect nature of the spirit in constant evolution. Although the rustic aspect prevails in the stone, it manages to compose sophistication on the countertops in washrooms or bathrooms and create an original decoration like few others.

The functionality as a device to receive running water from the tap can be seen in a poetic way, since water is a powerful symbol of purification and, like stone , it exalts nature. In this way, the natural stone bathroom tub takes the enlightened essence of Zen practice to utilitarian environments, interconnecting purpose with decoration .

Water fountains and decorative vases are other stone decoration alternatives available in our online store that promise authenticity and harmony for indoors and outdoors. The transformation that stone arts bring to spaces begins with the craftsmanship of artists who challenge the rigidity of the material and extends to the zen essence offered by the final set to promote well-being throughout your home.


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