Indian decor tips – Knobs and cushion covers

In the previous post we talked about figurines of Hindu gods as decorative items. Continuing our series of posts on Indian decor , today we're going to talk about handles and cushion covers . Thinking of renovating your home decor without spending a lot of money !? Invest in drawer and door handles , which are often forgotten when planning the decor, but which contribute to transforming the environment.

Drawer handles available at Arte & Tune online store.

“Small details that make the difference” define furniture handles , they will improve the appearance of your furniture, you bet. In addition to being beautiful, they are practical and easy to change, you can do the job yourself. The handles can also be used as hangers, use your creativity to create your own hanger for handles , in addition to being functional and contributing to a more organized environment, it will be featured in your wall decor .

In addition to being beautiful, the decorative handles are extremely functional.

Whether to give the piece of furniture a new look or to use as clothes racks, Indian handles will always have extra attention in the decoration of the environment . The handles are found in different formats, sizes, colors and materials, and it is up to you to choose the model that best suits your taste.

Door handles that will stand out in interior decoration.

Another economical alternative to renew your decoration are the Indian cushion covers that give that special touch to the environment, renewing the look of sofas, beds and armchairs in a simple, basic and quick way. Cushion covers are essential elements when it comes to renovating the look of your home.

Drawer handles and colorful pillows for Indian style decor.

There are an infinity of types of covers , the Indian models have delicate and colorful prints, they will help to make your corner even more elegant and cozy. You can play with different styles of handles and cushion covers , make your furniture more cheerful, sophisticated and to your liking. When searching for decorative items, your personality must accompany your choices.

Indian cushion covers with colorful embroideries by Art & Tune.

At Arte & Tune you will find knobs and cushion covers for all tastes, whatever your style, you will be in tune with our decorative arts. Access the Arte & Tune online store and discover our variety of arts and decorations Indians , you will be enchanted!!!

Indian decorations always elegant with unique decorative arts.

I hope you are enjoying the series of posts on Indian decor . It is a pleasure to be of service to you and your environment!

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Gabriella Cruz – Art & Tune Columnist

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