Maritime decor – The rustic style and the nautical theme in home decor

The unpretentious seaside atmosphere takes over the interior decoration when the nautical theme comes into play. A mix of references, passing through elements of the naval forces and the rusticity of the coastal context, composes the navy style with elegance in the home decor, highlighting the blue, red, black and beige color chart and wood as the main raw material.

The classic bicolor stripes, the predominance of sea blue and the rustic details made with natural straw share the visual interest with other ways of claiming the maritime atmosphere in the environment. In this context, simplicity is revealed in every detail of the decorative objects , re-signifying them with another look.

While boats leave the water and lend their silhouette to structure shelves with shelves and wooden wine cellars , oars guide our direction to the wall, showing that decoration with a marine essence can be explicit if it dares to leave the commonplace.

Rustic decor with a beach house look

Basketwork and natural fiber handicrafts offer the environment the tone and texture of sand.

Although the space is not spacious and airy, the decoration makes it possible to transform it, adding the paradisiacal inspiration of the beachfront through the accessories. That's why basketwork and handicrafts made from natural fibers such as frames , lamps and furniture deconstruct the environment, incorporating chic in a simple and warm way.

And just like most interiors that embrace the rustic, like beach houses, in maritime decor, nothing is too straight forward. The beauty is in charge of the mixture of modern designs and textures that vibrate with tropicality, such as sand and worn wood. Together, the shells evoke nature and form the cozy foundations of a genuine coastal climate.

Modern design with sea air effect

mobile-bali-handmade-shelf-wood-patina-blue-wine-cup holders
blue-bali-boat-wooden-shelf-wine rack
The nautical-themed furniture design has a touch of humor, making the environment lighter.

It is through design with a certain touch of humor that the urban best harmonizes with the nautical theme. Bringing elements from one context to another, such as the boat aesthetic supporting the cellar structure, adds fun impressions, creates visual interest and brings the serene feeling of being in front of a pier. And let's face it: nothing is more relaxing for a wine rack !

Details reminiscent of vintage, such as the patina painting that simulates the aging of the sea air, are also counterpoints to the city's contemporary language. Adding color to these decorative objects, especially in shades of blue, increases the connection with the sky and sea water, anchoring a pacifying effect in spaces with the sea breeze.

Deconstruction of the navy style in wall decoration

Oar is an original wall decoration that takes the nautical theme into an artistic tone.

Cushions with foliage prints or tropical inspiration, shell trays , surfboard panels or Tiki gods instantly bring the warm feeling of an island paradise. However, if you want to build a warm look that escapes the obvious in interior decoration, you need to be creative and reframe particularities of the maritime environment.

For this reason the wooden oar , both the Canadian style and the Balinese ethnic one , becomes a surprising wall decoration. The personalization of the pieces with geometric shapes in navy colored paintings and grossly carved in the wood grants an even more exclusive touch, in addition to breaking with the fluidity of the theme, promoting balance.

nautical theme in home decor

The maritime decoration brings the lightness and relaxation promoted by water without being obvious.

Since water is the link in maritime decoration, it is essential to consider the purifying and calming nature that it inspires wherever it is. And that's why nautical themes reproduce the feeling of comfort and relaxation in home decor. Objects with this theme disconnect us from urban tension and take lightness as a visual appeal.

Countries with abundant water resources or surrounded by water, such as the Indonesian archipelago, maintain the influence of marine life in decorative art . The works also emphasize the life that manifests itself below the surface, taking advantage of the representation of fauna, such as fish , to value the natural richness and environments in an authentic way.

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