Decorating with crystals - How to use decorative stones in the environment

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It is not new that creating a welcoming and connected environment with positive energies has become essential to promote relaxation and wellness . And to make your home the epitome of peace that is a temple, more and more interior decoration is turning to mystical experience incorporating esoteric arts directed to the experience of Zen day to day. The spaces harmonize with this claim with elements that enhance the good vibes such as the decorative crystals .

A decoration with stones semi-precious or not, it takes more intention to the rooms, not restricting the type of environment just from the choice of furniture, but in the experience that certain decorative objects offer for it - from the garden to the bedroom, without limitations. In this way, it becomes essential to understand the energy and meaning of stones so that each one offers you the balance that the space asks for. It is possible to combine more than one quartz or with another zen art to tune in to your interior.

Understand the meaning and power of the type of quartz

Crystals amplify the energy field of other decorative stones in interiors.

Energy is movement! So, before accepting a type of stone in interiors, it is necessary to be very clear about the purpose of the environment and the desired objective. O crystal or transparent quartz, for example, transmutes the energies in force in space, cleaning the harmful ones to amplify the power of action of the beneficial ones. Its vibration influences the movement of all chakras , balancing them to promote healing on all levels. It also enhances the energy field of other decorative stones when coordinates in the same area.

Spaces oriented to the movement of people such as living room and the hall of entrance or those that demand stillness and concentration as destined to the home office and study are especially balanced with this quartz . Its amplifying capacity extends to the purification of emotions and the stimulation of mood and memory. There is no low vibration that can be sustained when this stone is in the decoration of the environment.

Unite protective symbols and deific images to balance the energy of the environment.

Research is an important part of building an environment, especially if the intention is to leverage your energy for a certain purpose. It is also worth exploring some protective amulets, images of Buddha , mystical symbols, hindu gods or another deity akin to your purpose. In addition to incorporating more power, it transforms the surface leading a poetic beauty for the principles of interior decoration such as the crystal creating contrast with tourmaline, for example.

Create powerful decorations by combining crystals

Use the aesthetics of cutting to your advantage to create a zen atmosphere.

The stones can be used in decoration in rough, polished or even in the form of a druse , that is, with a group of small crystals under the same base. Raw quartz illuminates surfaces with its multiple nuances and grounds good fluids emanating a powerful natural appeal. The cut crystal , in turn, directs where energy needs to be radiated and potentialized. Try focusing it on an amethyst stone and feel its transforming capacity. Druze , on the other hand, concentrates the power of several crystals in a single stone, extending the power of healing and protection throughout wide environments.

Amethyst Druses , for example, take the aesthetics of decoration to another level. The combination of the rustic style of the naturally cut semi-precious stone with the violet color and its expressive connection with the crown chakra ( sahashara ) is extremely effective for decorating environments that ask for tranquility and comfort, such as bedrooms. Amethyst acts mainly in stimulating intuition and in the balance of sleep, being a powerful natural tranquilizer.

Combine the energy of drusen, crystals and rough stones to strengthen the Boas vibracoes of the interiors.

Combining different types, formats and colors of quartz creates rhythm in the good vibes decoration based on the unity and sense of continuity that it proposes through the repetition of stones in the same space. This promotes harmony and anchors interest to the look; not to mention that it makes more positive energies circulate inside the house, keeping the vibration always high and the environment more powerful and invigorating.

Use decorative stones in meditation practices

Practice meditation by decorating the room with the art of stacking stones ( rock balancing ).

Decorating with crystals brings the experience of Zen to everyday life, especially if you want to practice or practice meditation. However, it is not necessary to use precious or semi-precious stones to be in tune with this essence. The stone can be an instrument of meditation , donating the energy that guides the intention, like the love of rose quartz , or as part of the practice resorting to the balance challenge of rock balancing - the art of stacking stones with balancing their structure.

If you want to combine something more artistic and inspirational with the environment, without disconnecting from this illuminated path, you will find water fountains with bowls adorned with stones andlamps with the head of an amethyst Buddha in our online store . Both will also be of great help in maintaining mindfulness and presentification of the meditative state through the sound of running water and light.

Decorative stones don't have to be precious, they just need to be meaningful to you.

That stone on the floor that, for some reason, caught your attention and admiration, or that of a special place that you brought as a memory of a moment lived can also be used in home decor , after all, nature's energy vibrates in them at the same frequency. Keep in mind that everything that awakens your best will always be an element of transformation in tune with your home. Let your intuition guide you!


Milene Sousa - Art & Tune

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Roberto marques
Roberto marques

Muito boa a reportagem..Gostaria de apresentar os difusores e saboneteiras produzidas em pedras naturais de Quartzo que trabalhamos

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