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There is no need for a major renovation, such as exposing the bricks, raising beams and covering the wooden floor to build a truly cozy and personalized environment. The essence of the cozy home stems from a rustic aesthetic that goes beyond the coastal or rural setting. The ethnic style (without obviousness) of decorative objects shows the way to reach the ideal of authorial space using decoration as a central resource.

The tonality and natural design of the wood, together with the casualness of the aged and antiquated effect of the patina paint, show how bringing nature into the home and embracing the feeling of grounding promoted by the warm color palette can lead you to a warm and inviting aspiration in all senses. Below are some directions to follow this path in interior decoration in your own way.

Rustic furniture: custom design in natural wood

Handcrafted carved wood furniture is the epitome of coziness in interior design.

Rustic builds comfort from the idea of ​​solidity that reflects not only in the definition of raw materials, but also in the color palette. Therefore, it is not surprising that the environment with this atmosphere usually brings consistency and warmth to structures with natural wood - both in architecture with beams, for example, and in furniture with carved wood. If, on the one hand, the rough aspect respecting the shape of the tree and its branches and roots naturally balance the density of the material, making wooden tables gain a more exclusive and personalized design, on the other hand, turned benches make reference to the past and anchor the vintage as epitome of a cozy home .

Shapes and colors work together to establish links between decorative objects. The warm, earthy tones along with the shape of the handcrafted furniture work in perfect composition with the patina- engraved pieces, showing the irregularity of the aesthetic, whether in the natural form or in the idea of ​​wear and tear and aging of the painting. The black and white of the decorative screens reinforce the ethnic appeal and incline the space towards a more sophisticated tone.

Positive vibes: Zen arts that warm the soul

Symbolic elements such as crystals, deities and ancestral figures bring a welcoming vibe.

Ethnic style first of all expresses information about cultures , which in turn encompass beliefs , traditions and everything that expresses the identity of a people. Therefore, when we display a deity in interior design, we also turn our gaze to its history . And it is this connection with the essence of what forms them, that is, the ancestry and spiritual symbology they represent that convert Zen arts into resources to cherish body, mind and spirit while making the environment more expressive and personal.

There is great potency in that which awakens consciousness to the divine nature. When the soul is welcomed, either by the ethnic figures of the Sadhu and the Aboriginal - who inspire grounding in their own roots-, by the energy of crystals or by Hindu gods and Buddhas who manifest positive energy in the decoration, the entire exterior vibrates in the same way. harmony promoting well-being and emotional comfort. Like the wise monks (blind, deaf and mute), Zen shows that it is necessary to bring to daily practice the recognition of the evil in us, so that we can be the transformation we desire in the world.

Visual stimulus: the importance of details in the decorative arts

Choose decorative objects that convey comfort through tactile and visual sensations.

The construction of original and welcoming environments is not only up to the choice of unique arts, but the ability to create visual stimuli that transmit sensations in the environment and are perceptible to all the senses, and not just to the touch. Here, the importance of texture to establish rustic decoration as a refuge is clear. Decorative mandalas with carved florals or dreamcatchers with crochet and fringes are ethnic additions that explore natural lines to sustain the sensorial whole.

In this context, the details really make the difference. Items such as incense , wind chimes and candle lanterns expand the senses and bring new vigor to everyday life. Ethnic-style prints on textiles such as cushions and rugs play with the soft touch and enliven the space with movement and splashes of color.

Wall art: accent the gallery wall with carved wood

The textures of natural materials create a visual impact and accentuate the feeling of warmth in the environment.

Let's be frank, few interior design tricks are as expressive as taking advantage of the white space of a double height ceiling and turning it into an authentic gallery wall . Creativity unites the ethnic and the rustic in a harmonious way when wall decoration allows you to re-signify elements, taking them to a prominent place. This is the case of the carved wooden oars inspired by Timorese arts that share the natural and sustainable essence of raw materials with Balinese mandalas and canvases with patina frames . This combination of works made from reclaimed and natural wood makes the texture express its best to create a visual impact full of warmth in interiors.

Hollow carvings with chisel-worked organic designs accentuate the warm feel of the wood on the gallery wall in a balanced game of perspective with an artisanal vibe. The focus on sustainability together with the appreciation for handmade items is essential to promote well-being and transfer more awareness, coziness and value to everything that makes up this artistic puzzle on the wall. After all, when wall art that reflects the history, tradition and essence of an ethnic group is always a special accent .

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