Aromatherapy and home decor - Candles, essences, soaps and essential oils

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Plants are the oldest therapeutic tools used by ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt. The medicinal characteristics depicted in the Ebers Papyrus , for example, dating from 1600 BC, leave no doubt of their importance in physical and spiritual balance, above all through natural medicine . In it, aromatherapy and phytotherapy meet and sublimate the power of the physical-chemical properties of what comes from nature.

Even after the supremacy of drug manufacturing, due to the pharmaceutical industrial development in the 20th century, medicinal plants continue to be authentic sources of healing and well-being - acting at a physical, mental and spiritual level . And here, we emphasize the aromatic power of the composition of flowers, leaves, stems, bark and seeds that, when transformed into essences , essential oils , soaps and candles , not only balance emotions, but also make the environment more pleasant.

The welcoming feeling of home decor is enhanced with elements that stir the senses and transform perception. For this reason, and by providing much deeper benefits, aromatic products have become important instruments for maintaining harmony in the interiors of homes and those who inhabit them.

Essence for diffuser: balance for interiors

Room aromatizers diffuse the perfume of the essences and harmonize the spaces.

The essence for the aromatizing diffuser is phytotherapeutic, consisting of a combination of 100% natural plant extracts. The fragrance formed exudes sensorial notes of the aromatizing oil prominent in the composition that unites in the perfume different medicinal properties diffused in the ambient aromatizers .

The intensity of the effect and the purification time of the aromas vary according to the amount of drops applied in the room diffuser . The diversified action of the essences, from bactericidal to relaxing (or stimulating), influence the feeling of cleanliness and purification of spaces, leaving them zen. Aromas such as citronella , for example, favor creative processes, as they balance mental activity and promote concentration.

Essential oil: therapeutic and energetic properties

The high concentration of natural extracts make the action of the oils powerfully therapeutic.

The pure nature is what differentiates essential oils from essences. In addition to being more concentrated, they more effectively maintain the natural properties of the extracts, being extremely effective in aromatherapy . Lavender oil , for example, is one of the most prestigious for its therapeutic, healing, relaxing and antiseptic properties. Its floral aroma gives the home decor a soft and refreshing character that at the same time provides balance and a feeling of well-being.

Packaging, in turn, is extremely important to extend the particularities of pure essential oils . Filling in an amber glass bottle is the most recommended and, together with the cap with bulb and dripping cannula (dropper), not only facilitates the use of concentrated oils, but also allows you to dose the product efficiently when diluting it in water during baths, topical use (directly on the skin), inhalation or aroma diffusers .

Handcrafted soap: cleaning and healing with phytotherapy

natural-ayurvedic-handmade-hem soap
The herbal properties of soaps act from the outside in, balancing the body.

Handmade soaps are the simplest methods for those looking to incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy into their daily lives. Those made by the Indian brand Hem , known for essential oils and natural incense, also bring faculties of Ayurvedic medicine , which aims to promote harmony between body, mind and spirit from natural elements such as flowers, herbs, coconut oil, shea butter organic and aloe vera extract.

The natural oils of the Aromayur bar soap act on the skin, nourishing it and leaving it soft while its refreshing and aromatic herbal perfume invigorates the spirit and invades the entire bathroom after use, making the environment fragrant . Not to mention that phytotherapy is more accessible throughnatural soap .

Scented candle: illuminating and perfuming environments

In addition to lighting up spaces, candles enhance the feeling of warmth with healing scents.

It's no surprise to anyone that we like the sensation provoked by candlelight (white, colored and/or rechaud ) in the decoration of the environment - articles like this leave no doubt. However, when combined with therapeutic essences, aromatic candles promote balance and relaxation, in addition to offering spaces a true sense of warmth.

The use of candles in the decoration anchors a special character when they are coordinated with decorative candle holders . In addition to customizing the style of the environment, when associated with spiritual practices, such as Buddhism and Buddha images , they make the healing energy present in the properties of candles potentiated - elevating lighting to a Zen art .

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