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A holistic view of Christmas: the spiritual meaning of this date

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In addition to ritualization, moments of prayer and meditative practice, we also believe in the holistic view and Zen essence manifested in everyday life. Understanding life from a holistic point of view means accepting precepts of communion between the divine and the material and living on the path of love. As Buddha , wise deity, said , "Never, in the whole world, has hate ended hate; what ends hate is love" .

Just like Christ and Buddha , beings who fulfilled their paths spreading attitudes and words of wisdom, which continue to inspire and nourish the spirit , we are also divine beings and every day we trace our spiritual journey step by step on earth. Possessing the magical possibility of choosing to trace loving, gentle and affectionate paths, following the precepts of our inner essence .

Passionate about practices of love and generosity , we have the spiritual deity Jesus Christ , who preached attitudes of solidarity and continues to be a great reference in humanitarian leadership . On the eve of Christmas , the celebration of his birthday, we received an inner invitation to look at his practices in an inspiring way, to nourish our relationships and attitudes in a more spiritual way. And also paying attention to Feng Shui and harmonizing decorative environments with the symbols of that very loving and special date.

The Path of Jesus Christ

Buddha and Christ have the same spiritual essence: love.
Buddha and Christ have the same spiritual essence: love.

It is on the 25th of December that we celebrate Christmas , the birth of Jesus Christ , a divine being who traveled his earthly journey, mobilizing people around him and fulfilling his spiritual essence in consonance with his social responsibility. . After all, it was by helping minorities that Jesus spread love and kindness . As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we see Christmas as a time of spiritual rebirth . Our hearts blossom and hopes are renewed.

Like Siddhartha Gautama (popularly known as Buddha ), Christ was a humanitarian symbol of love and compassion , celebrating his life and earthly passage inspires solidarity and a sense of collaboration and collectivity . Communing small everyday and mundane practices with our spiritual development .

The celebration of meetings

Presence is the greatest gift.
Presence is the greatest gift.

It is at this time that, even in the midst of the rush at the end of the year, we take a look back and look at our relationships . Which affections were nourished and which people helped to feed our essence in the past year? In addition to the memory of what brought us here, this is a moment of union and strengthening of bonds.

Much more than physical and material gifts, what matters most here is presence . Presence of friends and family that do us good and the celebration of good meetings at this time of year-end festivities.

The energy of Christmas rituals and symbols

Candles are traditional Christmas symbols that represent divine enlightenment.
Candles are traditional Christmas symbols that represent divine enlightenment.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese wisdom that preaches the use of energy forces to harmonize environments . From this, it is known that each Christmas ornament is rich in symbology and energy that has passed through generations for centuries.

A traditional ritual of this time of year is the Christmas tree decoration, where families gather to add adornments to the Christmas tree, beautifying the surroundings. The tree is known to be a great symbol of hope, prosperity and renewal . Toasting us with fruit, it also represents abundance and new life . The hypothesis of the emergence of this custom is that the druids were in the habit of decorating oak trees with apples at this time of year.

Another symbol that is very present in this festivity is the Star . Of intense light, decorating pine trees or illuminating spaces like blinkers. The Star brings a symbology of inner light , indicating the path and direction to the Divine Light . May the brightness of our spirit , regardless of belief, illuminate the paths , always guiding us for good and for good.

A Merry Christmas and an enlightened 2022! These are the vows of Arte & Tune .


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Teknik Telekomunikasi

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