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In the current context, in which lighting design (lighting technology) has become essential to think about and define the intentions and scope of the use of light - be it natural or artificial - in architectural projects, it is difficult for us to detach lighting from its decorative character. Therefore, it is not surprising that the combination of the cozy feeling, the functionality and the favorable aesthetics of the pendant makes it an extremely versatile luminaire to enhance the decoration of the environment.

The interference in the way we feel, according to styles, types of light and forms of incidence, took the decorative support of the pendant to give it a real role - capable of transforming particularities of spaces such as the balcony, entrance hall, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Pendants unite style and functionality in interior decoration.

The culture of those who use it, as well as the personality and preferences are key information to define it along with the characteristics of the environment and the function or purpose of lighting . After all, even though the decorative character stands out, it is important to establish the role and effects of lighting according to each room, considering not only emotional and creative factors, but also practical ones, which are consistent with everyday needs.

Faced with the multitude of designs, it is also necessary to evaluate the best use of the pendant in space, considering aspects that improve it, such as size, materials that form the structure, shapes, presence or absence of openings and colors. The impact of this combination of elements together with the type of light (warm, neutral or cold) is decisive in composing the style and sensations it awakens.


It is known that pendants are unique pieces that radiate beauty, starring in interior decoration . However, they do not need to be used alone. Like all decorative art , they establish visual rhythm when they are coordinated with other pieces - combined or contrasted through different styles - promoting interesting practical effects in the project.

These parameters will help designate the characteristics of the luminaire according to the proportion of interiors, such as lighting , whether it is diffused, which spreads throughout the environment, or focused, which illuminates a certain radius.

Turkish-Mosaic-Handmade-Decorative Pendants
Turkish pendants with mosaics radiate colors in the environment, enhancing its composition.

Turkish pendants , with an infinity of colors forming mosaics , produce magnetizing effects in space - uniting chromotherapy . Sculptural pieces with fine materials, in turn, emphasize the decorative style, leaving the tone of the environment more contemporary and personalized. Light fixtures with rustic constitution evidence the welcome, favoring the feeling of well-being.

In our online store there are pendant options for every style. So, allow luminous art to be present in interiors, transforming energy with its shapes, colors and incidences of light.


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