Rustic furniture from Bali - Room decoration with handcrafted pieces

When admiring Balinese furniture, you will automatically be taken by a feeling of coziness. This peculiarity is, above all, a cultural feature of Bali that is present in furniture and decorative arts through the energy spent on artisanal production and the welcoming ancient aesthetics of natural materials .

By observing architecture and interior design, it is possible to understand the particularities of Balinese furniture ; after all, most of the environments are built with an appeal to nature and transfer the same aesthetic value to the decoration .

With a peculiar rustic style, Balinese furniture is works of art in decoration.

Nature is evident not only in the natural raw materials (generally reused) such as teak and suar wood , but also in the ornamental details with floral motifs and in the organic lines of the arabesques - a strong reference to art nouveau design - that carve the furniture .

Teak wood ( teka ) - a tropical tree native to South and Southeast Asia - is one of the most used for furniture manufacturing, as it is distinguished by its indisputable strength, durability and quality. Suar wood ( rain tree ), on the other hand, is notable for its robustness and favorable texture for carving work, which provide a unique finish.

Balinese furniture is rich in details that enhance interior decoration.

The rudimentary aspect of the wooden furniture is reinforced by the manual processes of drawing, sculpture and painting . The latter, in particular, is what imprints the vintage aesthetic , especially when it is done with the patina technique, which simulates the aging of the piece - wear and tear through the action of time.

The signature of Indonesian furniture is the peculiar rustic style , which is unpretentious, timeless and can be easily coordinated with furniture and decorative arts of other styles. The wealth of hand-carved details that characterize it overlap functionality to make it the decoration's own work of art - enhancing even interiors with few decorative elements.

The composition of handmade furniture makes the decoration of the environment more personalized.

Sideboards , panels and coffee tables with meticulous carving and charming antique colors and functional furniture with revisited aesthetics, such as wine cellars , which optimize spaces and enhance decoration are just some handcrafted furniture that reflect the essence and culture of Bali, keeping it alive all around the world.

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