Demolition wood furniture and rustic decor

Who has never been seduced by the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere promoted by rustic-style furniture or suffered for love of color nuances with the worn effects of demolition wood ? In addition to being essentially warm, furniture made from reused rustic wood combines two important qualities considering the reuse of materials and craftsmanship : sustainability and exclusivity.

The design of rustic furniture is not restricted to the peasant or caiçara environment, despite always starting from the naturalistic aesthetics corroborated by wood, its main raw material. The decorative style has a strong natural appeal that is naturally incorporated into any environment, raising the feeling of warmth and favoring coordination with elements from other styles, such as industrial or contemporary, without losing visual harmony.

And if benches for gardens with this essence are already inviting in outdoor areas , you can imagine how the tables arranged in each room of the house would look like. Side tables , coffee tables , sideboards and dining tables developed with demolition wood grant not only the much-desired originality, but elect the action of time as the main magnitude and teach how to build a warm and functional environment .

Valuing rustic wood with the artisanal process

The beginning of the historical trajectory of the manufacture of handcrafted furniture was worth the use of noble woods cultivated until the age of majority, considering the sustainable concept , the design of furniture manually and the reduced demand for production prior to industrialization. These details are important because this naturally developed raw material tends to be less porous and more resistant , influencing the quality of the new product.

In addition to making it more durable , they provide consistency and help the craftsman to preserve the sustainability of what he does by hand. In this case, reuse becomes a means of respecting natural resources that have already benefited and that require minimal treatment, prolonging their usefulness, and valuing time and the history behind each wood with the purest art . Differences become differentials in the details of the pieces, such as the inclusion of drawers , shelves or inlaid finishes.

Integrating demolition wood into new designs

It is important to consider that each reused wood was rescued from different temporal and geographic contexts, so giving each one a new design is a possibility of honoring the inestimable value of its previous purpose and its natural ageing. Holes, cracks, peeling paint and wear and tear are part of the uniqueness of each one, so that there will not be two pieces with the same effects of time to offer the feeling of an old piece of furniture .

By reusing demolition wood, the craftsman becomes the creator of a new narrative, harmoniously adding his manual skills . He will know how to develop designs that promote an emotional connection with nature in interior decoration . Handcrafted furniture has a soul and is designed to embody comfort . This essence imprints warmth and originality on spaces, revisiting the idea of ​​perfection.

Reframing rustic furniture with the art of marquetry

Rustic wood furniture contradicts the idea of ​​a clean look, although they contain in the concept the lightness of the natural appeal and the warmth they provide. Demolition wood is generally dense and the weight is transferred to aesthetics. Even so, small interventions designing the surface of the pieces such as marquetry and the inclusion of Portuguese or decorated tiles manage to incorporate movement and delicacy.

In addition to optimizing the reuse of wood , avoiding the disposal of small parts, the marquetry furniture adds personality to the decor . Tables with decorated tops are rustic pieces of furniture that do not need towels and become the center of receptions and large gatherings. In this context, the marquetry highlights the artisan 's special touch, marked by creative and soulful design . After all, environments with circulation and gathering of people need to be supported by pieces that are welcoming and full of love . And this is only possible by respecting nature and valuing handcrafted work .

Customizing rustic decor with affection

In addition to connecting us with nature through natural elements , rustic decoration turns our attention to care , whether in the handcrafted execution of the furniture or in the sense of well-being that they promote in the environment. Furniture of this style is built with a base of values ​​so strong that they raise its level of beauty and sophistication.

This essence is present in many handcrafted furniture in our virtual store , especially those created exclusively by Brazilian artisans . Tables , sideboards , benches and altars made with his own hands and with sustainability as a pillar claim prominent spaces in decoration as works of art . And it is not surprising, since the true art in interiors is the one that is part of life's little moments promoting extra doses of affection .


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