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Decoration is a powerful exercise in self-knowledge and internal revolution. Every choice and detail externalizes a part of us, be it feelings, experiences or desires. Therefore, when defining decorative elements in the spaces we inhabit (home, work, leisure, etc.), we are concomitantly dialoguing with the structures of the environment , printing what brings us comfort, happiness, pride, inspiration, balance and well-being.

In the composition of the spaces , the prints and their infinity of colors play a fundamental role in providing opportunities to explore them and give them new perspectives, making them dynamic and taking them out of monotony without changing their supports. In this way, when we combine prints , we are, in fact, breaking the division between the self and the environment, extending references, style and beauty ideals of the moment we live.

Decorative arts are the best ways to insert and combine prints in the decor.

The complexity of some prints can convey the impression that coordinating them is a difficult task. However, sticking to some details will make this process simpler, facilitating the choices. The definition of neutral bases to receive the prints is the first simplifying action; which reduces the chances of making mistakes and gives greater prominence to colors and patterns. The combination of wooden furniture is an example, whose natural tone supports the prints.

Use the characteristics of the print to your advantage: texture, shape and color.

Another facilitating aspect is choosing a main print and exploring its characteristics in the decoration, such as style, textures, shapes and colors. They will be connecting points with other prints, solid colors and decorative elements. Finding a common color is a powerful link between two distinct prints or between a patterned piece and a plain one; Along these same lines, inserting objects with colors present in the print provides a strong visual appeal, highlighting it.

Create rhythm with the contrast between opposite color prints.

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of contrast in the combination of prints, since the opposites make the environment more attractive and establish rhythm in the decoration - demonstrating the way we see the whole. It is also essential to consider your purpose , starting from the simple question: how do you want to feel and how do you want them to feel?

There are countless possibilities to insert, coordinate and play with the prints in the decoration ; from the simplest form, such as decorative pillows , sculptures and blankets, to the most complex, such as upholstery, wallpaper and curtains. And whatever your choice, there will always be an opportunity to make your space more personalized.

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