Meditation - Inner balance in Zen spaces

Meditating is the act of allowing the mind to open to reach the deepest rest. It is to conquer serenity, calm and peace in a psychological spiritual state, whose Zen art frees the mind from agitation. The practice favors the connection with the internal energy source and presents numerous benefits for the search for balance .

Meditation session and selected japamala for relaxation. Photo: reproduction

The essence of the practice goes beyond the simple act of meditating . Meditation nurtures universal virtues and values ​​of compassion, care, responsibility, harmony and peace. And staying aligned with them allows for greater connection between people - whether in a meditation group or in everyday life.

Group meditation session. Photo: reproduction

The constant realization of meditation brings resilience to face daily obstacles, without losing centrality in thoughts. Being surrounded by a Zen decoration or a cozy environment, for example, enhances its effectiveness, regardless of whether the practice is carried out indoors or outdoors.

Concentration and balance made possible by meditation. Photo: reproduction

Investing in natural light or with candles in lanterns , comfortable rugs and pillows , incense and zen arts that harmonize the space are essential to increase the feeling of relaxation. At the Arte & Tune store you will find several special products to make the environment more conducive and the meditation session more pleasurable.

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