Marmorite - From cladding to decorative art


Art as a whole, whether for architectural or decorative purposes, is in its best position when it understands the importance of reusing raw materials . And this concept is not restricted to natural materials such as wood , but extends the perspective of reducing waste to ores and rocks such as marble , making the dust from the residue an extremely valued by-product.

When incorporated with transparent glues or resins , such as polyurethane and epoxy, in addition to denser materials such as cement , or even more delicate products such as plaster , marble dust becomes the most accessible version of stone: marmorite . The ease of cold casting, that is, the dissolution of the powder in the mixture without heat, and the uncomplicated handling for the sculpture - compared to the magnitude of a marble rock - are the biggest attractions of this material originally used as a coating in the architecture .

The resistance and refinement that distinguished it on Portuguese walls during the mid- 20th century were sources of inspiration for even more artistic ways of covering and decorating environments. Thus, with more elegant mixtures, promoting a polished and smooth texture, marbleite gained space in the structure of decorative sculptures , garden statues , lamps , candle holders , water fountains and potted plants . See how hard it is not to be enchanted!

Interior decoration and lighting with Hindu gods

The white marble of the Ganesh sculpture reflects the intensity of the lamp's yellow light.

Marmorite can be modeled in the most different ways, as a result it is suitable for creating very detailed figurative sculptures and full of symbolic iconography such as those of the Hindu gods . The elements that make up the image of Hindu deities are clearly represented, even though the marble sculpture is not painted, remaining in its natural white color.

The white of the lamp in the shape of Lord Ganesha also radiates the yellow light of the lamp, promoting peace of mind and serenity for meditation and yoga practices. The “clean” look despite the richness of detail that constitutes the aesthetics of the table lamp makes it a neutral decorative art to decorate the most varied spaces with the essence of zen .

Divine nature illuminated by candlelight

buddha-marmorite-support-candle-rechaud panel
The candle holder illuminates the face of Buddha, the Enlightened One, to maintain connection with your purposes.

Like an open jewelry box , this candle holder illuminates not only the divine nature that makes up the Buddha image , but that which is within us. This subtlety extends to the smooth, satin finish of the Buddha panel in marble , which enhances the versatility and delicacy of the raw material considering its composition. The incorporation of resin, for example, provides lightness and a polished texture - similar to a marble sculpture - in addition to making decorative art more accessible.

Another versatile aspect is the diameter of the candle holder in the shape of a lotus flower , designed with greater amplitude to accommodate different formats, whether electronic candle , rechaud or toothpick. The choice of candle will also imply the extension of lighting, since the longer ones, such as the toothpick candle , will make the glow of the bindu on the Buddha's head in rhinestones shine throughout the environment.

Balance in garden decoration with water fountain

Marmorite light sources balance the chi (vital energy) of the environments.

Marmorite is highly resistant to humidity - a fact that makes it an ideal material for structuring water fountains in garden decorations . It resists both natural factors such as rain , as well as the use of the decorative fountain with constant passage and water reserve. Some models feature plaster in the mix to further increase their longevity.

While white marble offers refinement to the meditating Buddha sculpture that decorates the garden fountain , in this piece its main aspect is neutrality and simplicity . They give due prominence to the purifying power of water , so that you can harmonize the vital energy ( Chi ) of the house, starting with the garden.

Purpose flowering in potted plant

Marmorite's smooth, low-porosity surface makes it ideal for plant pots and flower pots.

The smooth texture obtained naturally or with the aid of manual polishing in the finish prevents dust or plant soil from penetrating the pores of the surface, keeping it white for longer. This characteristic of marble is favorable for lining pots and decorative vases , especially when personalized with figurative art such as this duo of vases in the shape of a Buddha's head .

The iconographic richness of the Buddha's face in white is complemented by the vividness of the colors of plants and flowers that also blossom the nature of new concepts and purposes - in external or internal environments. The teachings of Buddhism are added to the life force of nature to offer a special touch to Zen decor .

Buddha statues show the middle way in decoration

Marmorite with cement adds durability to garden statues such as the Bhumisparsha Buddha.

The decoration of leisure areas and gardens considers elements based on resistance to external factors. In this context, marble with cement in its composition stands out for increasing durability in addition to cost reduction. In this way, it became more accessible to have a Buddha statue in the garden decoration with a marble look as in the great Chinese and Indian monasteries; no longer a distant dream.

With the positions ( asanas ) and gestures with the hands ( mudras ) the sculpture shows a teaching of the middle way traversed by Buddha for the illumination of the being. In this image, for example, he calls upon the earth (earth goddess, Sthavara or Phra Mae Thorani ) to witness his resistance to the trials of the demon Mara . And she, in turn, teaches us to remain faithful to our purposes, despite worldly illusions.

Decorative art with cultural value for small spaces

Sculptures made of marble display their characteristics and iconography in more detail.

As it is an easily molded foundry material , marmorite is of great help to sculptors who wish to raise the level of detail in their works of art . Decorative sculptures inspired by Hindu culture , usually meticulously crafted, are favored by the raw material and transform small spaces in the furniture into possible focal points of the decoration.

Detailed artwork in marmorite catches our eye without getting tired and makes the environment cleaner , despite the amount of information brought by the pieces. They offer weightless visual interest due to the white color and the delicate similarity with marble, showing that it is possible to add cultural value to spaces in a balanced way.

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