Decorative mandala - Wall decoration for zen spaces

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The mandala is one of mankind's oldest art forms. It originates in the culture of the Far East as a sacred representation. From this, his knowledge spread in different interpretations and religions. The term, whose meaning is "circle", comes from Sanskrit, a language characteristic of India.

Its meaning refers to the naturalness of existence, since the circle is the most natural shape known to mankind. Its representations are widely used in prayer, meditation and healing rituals.

Colorful or wooden mandalas create a harmonious environment for meditation.

The universe has in its composition several spherical shapes, such as planets, stars, moons, the Sun, and even the smallest particles such as cells and atoms. In addition to having the spherical figure as emblematic in its history, mandalas have as their basic principles geometric artistic representations around the circumference, according to Sacred Geometry , considered the orderly form of creation.

Universally the mandala represents wholeness, integration and harmony. Therefore, mandalic structures have become present in all eras and civilizations.

Different illustrations and geometries form an ethnic wall mandala.

Nowadays, they are used in the decoration of Zen environments and spaces , in architecture or even as an instrument for personal and spiritual development. In terms of plastic arts, there is a wide variety of designs according to their origin. The materials used for its production also differ and there are records that its first handicrafts were made of chalk.

Decorating with mandalas can be a sure shot for anyone looking to make the environment more harmonious, whether at work or family. Its representations and colors offer a tribal aspect that provides, if combined correctly, a calmer and more pleasant atmosphere.

Colors balance the chakras and leave harmonious internal and external environments.

A peculiarity of mandalas is the uniqueness of each design, that is, each piece will be different from the others. They are commonly seen in prints on pillows , paintings , mirrors , furniture , boxes , among others. And, most of the time, they are used to decorate walls .

Find different styles of mandalas for decoration in our online store ! National and imported arts from countries like Indonesia , India and Turkey to color and energize the environment.

Gabriel Alvares Prist - Art & Tune Columnist

1 comment

Evelin leme
Evelin leme

Bom dia, gostaria de receber informações das peças de decoração e preços.


Evelin leme Designer interiores

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