Candle Light - Candle holders and lanterns for ambient lighting

You don't have to wait for a specific occasion to enjoy the warmth of low lighting that candlelight offers . After all, every day is special and, even if you are your own company at the moment, it is one more reason to practice self-care.

Whatever the environment - living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, bathroom, veranda or garden - there will always be options for candle holders and decorative lanterns to enhance comfort in interior decoration and awaken the best sensations.

buddha-sculpture-decorative-candle holder
Use lanterns and candle holders with Buddhas to create warmth in spaces.

The use of candles in decoration goes beyond the romantic atmosphere, as they light up not only the interiors of the house , but also our interior. They are important resources to manipulate the energy of environments and stimulate spirituality , connecting us with the divinity that is in us.

It is not surprising that they are powerful complements to meditation spaces combined with statues of deities , as they reverberate in the environment the protective essence and high energy of the Buddhas .

And if on their own they are already such sublime energy enhancers, imagine coordinating them with decorative arts full of stories and style . We show two beautiful options!

Lanterns are great options for establishing focal points in the decor.

The decorative lantern is the first and shows how versatile a lighting object can be! Functionality becomes a detail in the face of the charming appearance, especially the Indian style , and all the possibilities it provides to the environment.

It can be positioned on the floor, delimiting spaces and guiding passages; under furniture such as sideboards , coffee tables and nightstands combined with other elements; and suspended in environments , on the sides of beds and sofas or in the center of tables .

Helps to establish rhythm in interior decoration , with the repetition of identical lanterns or progression through similar pieces, but with different sizes and colors. It also helps to define focal points , illuminating and highlighting other decorative arts , such as sculptures , or lighting objects such as candle holders .

Its rustic features make it a perfect match for potted plants on balconies and gardens. Imagine lighting them on a late afternoon!?

filipino-led-decoration-candle holder
Creative candle holders add extra charm to the decoration of the environment.

The candle holder is the second alternative we suggest, as many sensations are stimulated when it is illuminated. The wide variety of compositions and designs make it a detail that makes the difference in interior decoration , leaving the environment extremely intimate - regardless of the style that constitutes it.

In practice, the use of candle holders is equivalent to that of lanterns , fitting both indoors and outdoors, coordinated with other decorative objects.

Want a suggestion? Take advantage of the warmth provided by candlelight and increase the lighting with stones, incense and essential oils. You will certainly explore this welcoming experience in every way!

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Namaste! Milene Sousa - Art & Tune

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