Buddhist Fu Lions - Guardian Dogs of Buddha

The veneration of fu lions spread in many Asian cultures along with the expansion of Buddhism in the continent. And although they are better known for their presence in the architecture of temples and imperial palaces in some East Asian countries such as China, Korea and Japan, one of the most coherent theses points to India as the country of origin of guardian lions - also the birthplace of Buddha and his non-theistic religion.

Although the oral tradition that establishes Asian culture makes it difficult to establish the birth of many beliefs and religious symbols that are constantly related, the figure of lions as sacred protectors is found in Buddhism manifest as mythical guardians of the dharma (the teachings of Buddha ). It is therefore not surprising that they are also called Buddha dogs , fu dogs , heavenly dogs or dogs of happiness.

Fu lions are also called Buddha dogs and watch over the protection of the dharma.

The cynoform constitution, that is, with the appearance of a dog in his representations is, perhaps, the characteristic that most encourages the inaccuracy of the interpretation of the figure being a lion or a dog; but it follows that each country has its own vision according to its particular beliefs and adaptations of Buddhism . Consequently, both perspectives are considered and worshiped even today.

Fu lions are usually used in pairs with a male and a female, whose dissimilar details help to identify which is which. The male is associated with the left and figured with his paw under a sphere that symbolizes the world. The female, on the right, is represented with a cub, personifying the mother's care. Together they protect divine wisdom .

Fu Lions are powerful spiritual guardians that chase away evil energies.

Stone or cement sculptures of guardian lions are one of the most common Zen Buddhist decorative arts aimed at spiritual protection around the world, both for the power of their symbology linked to historical richness and for the imposing aesthetics that reframe structures and decorations of houses, commercial buildings , temples, mausoleums and gardens.

The latter, in particular, is the environment that most gives rise to creativity, enabling the combination of different elements according to the available space to enhance their protective action against harmful energies. Still, it cannot be omitted that the brightness of its essence is next to the Buddha image.

Buddha's dogs are one of the most used arts aimed at spiritual protection.

In our online store you can find Buddhist fu lions for outdoor environments such as garden sculptures and indoors such as bookends . Be inspired by its history, welcome it in interior decoration and be rewarded with its energy of well-being!


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