Natural incense for meditation and harmonizing the environment

The relationship between incense and meditation and rituals aimed at the well-being and balance of the environment seems obvious , but its use transcends aromatherapy . It is spiritual, universal and figures distinct from religious practices such as Buddhism , Taoism, Hinduism , Christianity, Islam and Judaism with similar symbolic values. It is part of the ritualistic culture of Egypt, India and East Asian countries.

The raw material that constituted the first manufactures originated in Africa and Asia . This is frankincense (or frankincense ) - resin extracted from trees of the Boswellia genus - acquired in East Africa during the mercantile expansion of the first Egyptian dynasties and transformed into a powerful product ( kyphi ), whose emanation became a symbol of human and divine connection .

Incense connects us with the divine nature within us.

Essentially, it is composed of natural (biotic) elements - aromatic combinations of herbs , flowers and oils from resin trees - from which the aromas are released through burning. The combustion of the compounds eliminates the effluvia, dissipating them in the environment , purifying it.

And, despite contemporary industrialization adding non-natural chemical compounds to its formula, many incenses are still made following the traditional artisanal way , conserving the original characteristics and quality .

Palo Santo balances the chakras in meditation and purifies the environment with the Buddhas.

Your everyday use we face the subtlety and ephemerality of life. At the same time, it connects us with the divine in us - the Buddha nature - during meditation , penetrating our interior, attracting good fluids, stimulating our senses and balancing body, mind and spirit.

It is strongly linked to the ethnobotany of many Asian cultures , whose religious use is characterized as a sacred offering to deities in order to raise consciousness, as in the Vedic yagna and puja rituals .

Incense is aromatherapy and helps to balance our emotions.

In addition to providing aromatherapeutic benefits, it has phytoenergetic elements that they awaken a type of energy in the environment according to the combination of aromas . Nag champa , sandalwood, patchouli , palo santo, roses and cinnamon are among the most commercialized fragrances.

It is a must-have product for anyone who wants to decorate interiors with a focus on well-being or define a zen space - indoors, in the garden or in the workplace.

It can be combusted in external environments enhancing the natural energy.

The trump card to enhance it in decoration , considering functionality, is to coordinate it with a censer with design and style in harmony with the chosen places.

Let the incense transform the energy of your home and be surprised by the aromas sold in our online store !


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