Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Room Flavoring Incense

The relationship between incense and Indian culture is extremely strong, since both aromas - and not only through aromatherapy , but gastronomy - and rituals aimed at spirituality are present in the daily life of the population.

We have already said here on the blog the importance of incense and its phytoenergetic and aromatherapeutic properties and we have listed the most famous ones around the world. However, when we look for fragrances and powerful effects, Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa is undoubtedly the first indication.

The Nag Champa fragrance has a striking floral scent and is obtained from three ornamental species: Mesua Ferrea , Magnolia Champaca and Plumeria Rubra .

Nag Champa incense has a powerful floral fragrance that aids meditation.

Mesua Ferrea , for example, is a riparian tree from South and Southeast Asia that has many herbal benefits, but it is its conspicuous, fragrant white flowers with yellow filaments that are the raw materials of Nag Champa .

Magnolia Champaca (yellow magnolia), in turn, is a tree native to South Asia and Southeast Asia . It has deeply aromatic flowers with recurved stamens and petals, whose shades vary between white and yellow.

Plumeria Rubra (frangipani), on the other hand, is a tropical plant present in East Asia , known for its tubular flowers with five petals in pink or red tones with intense fragrances .

Nag Champa is handcrafted with natural ingredients.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa is manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya using the masala (or flora) technique, which consists of mixing raw ingredients to form a thick dry paste composed of 8 to 10 aromatic herbs, nag champa essence, sandalwood , charcoal and halmaddi resin.

Darbar and champa masala are two variants of this artisanal method , however the second is the most commercially used, as it makes the incense last longer.

It consists of incorporating the dry paste into bamboo sticks, rolled by hand in circular motions, under a workbench sprayed with jigat (wood dust), which gives a dusty finish.

The incense is handmade with masala base. Photo: Playback | Satya

The excellence of incense is not only guaranteed by the careful selection of raw materials, but also by the specialized workforce, which works with adequate equipment and fair remuneration. That is why it is essential to value handmade incense and ask yourself about what it consumes and finances.

It is important to highlight the commitment to social responsibility and gender equity in the manual manufacture of Satya incense , which in addition to guaranteeing subsistence to the rural Indian population, the majority of employees, has a base of artisans with a predominance of women.

Satya incenses are hand-rolled by artisans. Photo: Playback | Satya

Purification with incense refers to Indian spiritual roots , to the belief in the purifying power and direction of intentions of aromatic smoke . And the Nag Champa , in particular, helps consciential development and transmutes the negativity of the environment with the potential energy of natural ingredients, leaving it pleasantly scented.

Its floral scent with a musky touch awakens the senses, balances the body, mind and spirit triad, provides deep relaxation and a sense of well-being, and stimulates the state of presence during meditation or yoga practice.

Enhance the energy of Zen decor with incense, buddhas, stones, plants and candles.

If you haven't yet included a zen space in your interior decoration , but want to enjoy the benefits of Nag Champa on a daily basis, choose a stylish censer , which has a design that is in harmony with the essence of the environment and serves as decorative art .

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