Ambient lighting and decoration with candles

It is almost inevitable to resort to lighting with candles when you want to promote an enveloping and personalized atmosphere in the environment. The warm light of the flame automatically makes this feature evoke relaxation and well-being while the look proposed by the decorative candle provides a special highlight in interiors. And if just the candle in decoration , whether white, rechaud , colored or flavored, already awakens different emotions by stimulating the sensory system, imagine what the combination with decorative arts can offer.

The exclusive function of accommodating the candle in our handcrafted products opens up new perspectives when lighting incense, heating essential oils, illuminating images, pathways or dark corners. They show that it is possible to use a simple device to light up internal and external spaces without falling into the same, in addition to transforming the style of your home with an extra dose of originality. Want to see how well it works? Keep reading!

Debugging censer with candle holder

The flame of the rechaud candle illuminates the meditation practice and lights the incense.

In this golden incense holder, the candle is multifunctional. The zen set made up of incense, Buddha sculpture with bhumisparsha mudra and candle from the channel censer brings together in a single piece powerful elements to enhance practices such as yoga and meditation in reduced spaces. The candle promotes a feeling of welcome and interiority while the aroma of incense purifies the environment and acts with purpose and the image of Buddha with the mudra brings to light the teachings of Buddhism .

The candle acts by illuminating the environment and practices with delicacy, showing grandeur (or luxury) in the small details. Its usefulness for lighting incense is also notable, since, depending on the surface, the rechaud candle it can last up to 3 hours - longer than the average burning of natural incenses . Here, candle lighting will be extremely useful to intensify presentification and help your spiritual path.

Rechaud for aromatherapy with essential oils

The candle flame illuminates the room and heats the essences in the diffuser.

If you cannot find flavored candles with the desired fragrance, you can use the thermal energy of the flame to evaporate essences and perfume interiors. Essential oils offer benefits on a physical and spiritual level, both by topical use and by inhalation through the diffusion of aromas in the environment. The heat from the candle in the center of the rechô ( rechaud) warms the essential oils that release their molecules in steam, favoring the therapeutic action.

In addition to helping to promote balance through aromatherapy , as the influence of scents on healing processes is scientifically proven, the candle can also transform the lighting of the environment if it is harmonized with a personalized essence diffuser . After all, in mystical Zen decoration , beauty, purpose and usefulness always go together.

Cachepot candle holder for decoration

Candle holder pots promote rhythm in the environment and create new lighting points.

Who said that cachepô ( cachepot ) is only for plants? Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this candle holder decorative object when lighting surfaces such as coffee tables , sideboards and nightstands . Worked glass pieces radiate the light from the flame on the furniture and show that small effects make the space visually elegant and welcoming. And, although rechauds are more delicate options, it is possible to play with the format and with colored candles ; or even use electronic candles if you want something durable.

The simpler the cachepot is, the more inviting it will be to include a larger number of pieces, whether identical candle holders, with variations in formats, colors or both. What matters for the idea of ​​balancing the principles of interior design is the rhythm promoted by the set , except for the fact that they create a new point of light in the space.

Decorative candle holder panel with Buddhist inspiration

panel-wood-head-buddha-cachepot-candle holder
By illuminating Buddha, the Enlightened One, from the decorative panel the candle maintains the daily focus on Buddha wisdom.

It's hard not to be inspired by the philosophy of Buddhism when the search for the development of the being becomes the north of one's existence. In this context, the image of the Buddha becomes the materialization of his teachings and his enlightenment experience. By illuminating the face of the Enlightened One represented in this decorative panel , the candle draws attention to the need for detachment in order to access the buddhic wisdom that is in everything that exists.

Buddhist inspiration, as well as Zen decoration in general, is intended to keep us connected with the high purposes of the middle path and with our essence. Therefore, the candlelight that obscures the Buddha's head makes his wisdom always the focus of our experiences - night and day.

Indian style colorful lantern

The decorative lantern is a versatile candle holder to decorate different spaces, from ceiling to floor.

It is almost automatic to consider the Indian lantern for candlelight lighting. The versatility of this decoration object is the main attraction, with the exception of the charming and extremely detailed aesthetics of the Indian style . Forged in metal and adorned with hollow carvings and colored glass , this decorative lantern has a ring at the top end and features a structure closed by a hatch, allowing for suspended use in external and internal areas .

Despite being small, the colored lantern also looks beautiful under furniture or even on the floor, lighting stairs and hallways; since the candle flame radiates the color of the glass in the environments and claims the influence of chromotherapy - a simple and light alternative to maintain the daily balance .

Decorative candle holder with zen essence

mother-of-pearl-decorative-candle holder
The lotus flower candle holder unites the sophistication of mother-of-pearl with the lofty purpose of enlightening the spirit.

The traditional candle holder also has a special value in decoration and ambient lighting . And anyone who takes advantage of its usefulness by restricting it to a candle holder is wrong. Aesthetics are also relevant, especially when accompanied by natural raw materials that are true jewels such as Philippine mother-of-pearl . In this piece, the iridescent glow of colored mother-of-pearl covers the lotus flower- inspired structure with a unique refinement.

In addition to beauty, this lotus illumination contemplates an important Buddhist symbol of purity, spiritual ascent and sublimation of worldly attachments corresponding to birth in the mud and blossoming on the surface of water. It also represents the manifestation of Buddha in nature, so its reproduction in decorative art reveres the divine wisdom that is in our being.

If these inspirations haven't stimulated your creativity, you can find other decorative arts with candle holders in our online store that will make you rethink the power of this lighting - within us and around us.


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