Colorful lighting ideas for Christmas and New Year decor

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The last month of the year is normally dedicated to the festive decoration of Christmas - celebrated by a large part of the world's population and motivated by Christianity - with the exception of countries guided by different cultures and religious traditions such as Islamic, Buddhist , Hindu , among others. others. And the same happens with the New Year after the 25th of December.

Traditional Christmas and New Year 's decorations gain prominence when aligned with lighting projects that value spaces with color. We know that the blinker is one of the most democratic and versatile options, but how about transforming environments with other types of colored lighting that can extend to all times of the year? Follow our ideas!

1) Turkish colored mosaic table lamp

The mosaic of the traditional Turkish lamp colors the environment with a variety of colors in the shape of a mandala.

The traditional colored mosaics that adorn Turkish art , such as the various models of lamps such as pendants , sconces and lampshades , enrich the environments in which they are lit, radiating the hues of the mandalas that design the domes throughout the space. Ceiling , floor and table lamps are decorated with the colors of Turkey represented in the beads and glass that fill the structure alongside the metal.

Purchasing a Turkish table lamp for Christmas and New Year's Eve is a real investment considering its cultural and aesthetic value . Handcrafted pieces like this exceed the seasonality of the end of year festivities and can be incorporated into home decor without restraint. The colored lighting they diffuse will bring more personality to it and make its corners more cozy.

2) Candle holder with colorful mother-of-pearl petals

mother-of-pearl-lotus-flower-shaped candle holder
The delicacy of the colored mother-of-pearl allows the candlelight to radiate its colors in the decoration.

There were many times that we mentioned here how important and facilitators are the small decorative resources such as the candle holder . Functionality combined with style and the sensations it provokes makes it an essential decorative art in the construction of a warm and charming space to receive the family at Christmas . Furthermore, the colors reflected by candlelight further enhance its enveloping character.

Candle holders made with refined shapes and raw materials offer more sophistication for lighting. This is the mother-of-pearl candle holder in the shape of a lotus flower , whose soft red color, with a light pearly appearance of the shell, intensifies under the warm light of the flame transforming even the smallest spaces, as well as the least functional ones, into extraordinary places .

3) Moroccan candle holder lantern with colored glass

The versatility of the colored lantern makes it one of the favorite outdoor lights.

The colored lantern is one of the most sought-after decorative arts in India and Morocco . The shapes worked on the metal body full of details structure small hatches that emanate the color of the glass into the environment when lit by the rechaud candle . The Indian style and the Marrakesh style find in pieces like this a means of transmuting the aesthetics and the fixed lighting points of the house, suggesting possibilities for lighting: suspended or on the floor.

External environments are the most favored by this type of decorative luminaire , especially when it combines more than one color. In addition, the combination of lanterns in the interiors also provides rhythm and visual interest, creating a bright, colorful and surprising atmosphere for the New Year .

4) LED light string with colored dots

Polka dot clothesline decor is perfect colorful lighting for all year round.

If you want to light up spaces with personality and delicacy, the cord of light will be your great ally. It is an unpretentious and timeless alternative (to escape the blinker obviousness) that offers a playful touch to the environment, especially in the children's room, through the combination of colors and polka dots. The place of use in the interiors is up to the creativity of each one; even so, there will be no shortage of suggestions on how to arrange the LED light clothesline on the wall - one of the favorite places.

It is practical and affordable lighting that can also replace the lampshade in outdoor areas. When suspended together running along the length of the veranda , the garden or under the Christmas dinner table, for example, it will transform the whole scene, enriching the party decoration in a unique and special way. Hard not to surrender to its charms!

Colors bring beauty and energy to interior decoration when reflected by light . These are just some of the many ideas available in our online store to add colored lighting to your environment. If you haven't found something here that makes your eyes shine, there, for sure, you'll have new inspirations to make your New Year's Eve (or it all) even brighter.


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nelsonita leal

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