Zen decor ideas for home office

Working at home, whether sporadically or on a daily basis in a remote work regime, requires a multifunctional configuration of interior decoration . In the absence of an office at home, the work environment can be allocated on the bedroom bench or on the dining room table.

It is known the importance of defining a place and that it is functional, quiet, with good ventilation and incidence of natural light. However, the big question when choosing a workspace for a home office is how much it influences how you feel and, consequently, your productivity and time management.

After all, taking the laptop to bed or the sofa may be tempting and feel warmer, but is it really appropriate? And what feeling of comfort are we talking about? That's why decorating the desktop with Zen elements it can be a good strategy to make your working hours more productive without compromising your health (physical and mental).

Zen Office: Putting Intent on the Desktop

Choose a type of Buddha that conveys the intention you want in the Zen decoration.

First of all, it is necessary to define the intention for the home office decor , that is, the purpose that you want with the workspace. usually Zen inspires tranquility and favors inner connection, intuition and the awake state (of concentration), which serve as an aid to demands that require full attention and productivity.

However, there are also elements of this philosophy that act as stimuli for functions that involve the creative sphere. Buddha , for example, is an art of Zen decoration that succeeds in both purposes. According to the type of Buddha - his position and hand gesture - an intention is manifested in the environment.

If you are looking for focus, in order to eliminate internal conflicts and increase productivity, the Buddha standing with his feet firmly on the ground will be the ideal decorative art to anchor purpose in space. On the other hand, if emptiness and creativity are indispensable in your role, stick to the benefits of carving with Namaste or Dhyana Mudra .

Flow: keeping the energy flowing in office decor

Use the aroma properties and fluidity of backflow incense to keep yourself in balance.

Simplicity is one of the pillars of Zen practice and is essential in building an environment that favors the flow of energy. In this context, including a water fountain in the decoration of the office is a valuable resource, since, according to Feng Shui techniques, water promotes relaxation with the sound of the current and purifies the interiors, transmuting vital energy ( Chi ).

The cascading censer is another elemental device that reduces the tension of the office without making you overdo it in relax mode. The flow of smoke from the backflow incense runs through the incense holder with the same fluidity as water, purifying and perfuming the spaces through its aromatherapeutic quality.

The lightness driven by backflow incense debugging it is an attraction in itself. So if you need an inspiration during working hours, stop; inhale and exhale slowly; tune in to the flow of the smoke and let the aroma bring you a new stimulus.

Hygge decor: creating a comfortable environment

The addition of color with blue accents and the texture of the rug relaxes in the pause moments.

When the theme is the work environment, comfort is an essential element. The furniture is chosen having ergonomics as a principle, that is, considering the optimization of the physical space in relation to the work so that it is successful and avoids health problems. In this field, attention is paid to layout, design , raw materials, dimensions, among other details that can influence productivity.

But when it comes to combining home decor and home office , comfort can come with a touch of warmth and well-being that is defined by the Danish word hygge . The concept applies not only to the structure of the table and the comfortable chair , but also to defining a place of external disconnection and interior connection. After all, a cozy environment makes the intervals better enjoyed.

And how about increasing textures and colors that really make the mind rest? The handcrafted character and geometric patterns with ethnic essence of Egyptian Kilim tapestry they will anchor the feeling of warmth and contentment that moments of pause need.

Organization: keeping the essentials in sight

Buddhist Lions Fu bookends keep the environment organized and harmonious.

If you are not a fan of minimalism , organization is a basic action to keep the environment clean and free of excesses, as inspired by Zen . Visual pollution interferes with work dynamics and can be contained with the help of drawers, shelves , wall niches and organizing boxes on the furniture .

It is important to keep only the main items in sight, such as stationery and books that you use on a daily basis. The others can be allocated on shelves and sectored with the help of sideboards such as the Fu Lions (or Fu Dogs) duo. These Buddha guardians and Dharma protectors are powerful symbols of balance capable of keeping interiors harmonious, visually and essentially.

These are just a few suggestions for decorating your home office space according to Zen teachings. For each one there are decorative arts options in our online store in order to match your purpose and workspace. Be sure to share your favorite!


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