Gecko - The symbolism of the lizard in decorative art

Agility, adaptability, regeneration and transformation are some of the numerous virtues of the small reptile from hot climates, found in mountainous areas, deserts and tropical forests that we call the gecko . In the etymology of the word, the name comes from ge'kok in the Malay language and refers to the sound it produces at certain times - being the only species of lizard capable of vocalizing.

This excellent protector and balancer of environments - given its entomophagous or insectivorous particularity that is characterized by feeding on insects - has numerous subspecies that, consequently, make its appearance varied. Distinct colors take over its body, forming unpretentious designs and flooding it with an enchanting exotic beauty .

Gecko represents protection, belief in the insectivorous peculiarity that balances the environment.

Geckos are mystical symbols of renewal and the natural cycles of life . They convey intelligence, confidence, patience, self-care and resilience through the ability to shed their skin and regenerate their tail, which they shed from their bodies to divert attention from predators while fleeing. They also teach that it is necessary to make choices, adapt and transform the circumstances that are placed in the path.

In every historical moment in different places in the world there was a positive symbology linked to this powerful spiritual animal that demonstrates with nature itself that small actions grant great transformations for life.

Handcrafted geckos energize and personalize interior decoration making it unique.

In decoration, the gecko is an inspiration for wood carvings, colors walls giving shape to ethnic handicrafts and exalts the creativity of abstract masks, considering all the high energy that materializes in its image. He gives life to extremely valuable and expressive decorative arts, capable of transmuting the energy of the environment, protecting those who reside in it.

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