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Filling the void on the walls is always a challenging way to understand the balance and language that each work of art exerts in the interiors . And it's not just about keeping in mind the sensation that the set of colors of the paintings causes in the environment or the aesthetic configuration explored by the grouping of decorative paintings , but questioning yourself about the story that the canvases tell together with other elements in a given space .

Idealizing a gallery wall is lending your personal style and memories of moments in your individual history to create new narratives in the decoration . Daily life, beliefs, traditions, among other references that are not necessarily part of your own culture are also capable of giving a special tone to painting on canvas , whose essence comes into play to make you and your guests experience different looks. for art .

The gallery wall combines different elements to tell a narrative in the environment.

The curation of the paintings for the living room is as important as the arrangement of the works in the wall decoration . It is integrated with what you feel about the paintings and/or want to provoke in the environment. Still, the aesthetic harmony of a single canvas or a composition goes beyond what the brushstrokes awaken. It is necessary to define a point of connection between the creative combinations, as the common thread of the small collection.

Use in your favor: the colors, when there is a common one or of the same chromatic family (triad, complementary, analogous or monochromatic); the artistic style of the paintings (cubism, surrealism, dadaism, etc.), to maintain the same language and continuity or establish contrast; and the theme explored in the paintings ( Buddhism , Hinduism , Balinese culture , among others).

The curation of pieces is facilitated by defining common elements such as colors.

Room setup will also be your guide for walls to be colored with original groupings. If it is not possible to hang the paintings on the wall , try supporting them on the surfaces of furniture, sideboards or shelves , taking advantage of what is already in the environment to build an unusual look that gives prominence to art as a true gallery .

The size and aesthetics of the frame are other essential points to define the style in the layout assembly. Pieces with the same material, format (square, landscape, etc.) and different proportions, such as a large painting coordinated with smaller ones; or with the same type of frame and size are excellent options for those who want a perfectly aligned and cohesive set taking up the wall. It will help you maintain visual unity.

Using objects already available in the environment can give the screen the deserved highlight.

The combination of paintings with different sizes and shapes or canvases with other decorative arts such as mirrors and masks , in turn, brings an unpretentious aesthetic that makes room for spontaneous modifications according to the “run of life”, making the wall follow its history and create even more authentic interiors.

Once on the walls , let the canvas paintings “breathe” by spacing them out. This detail is important to promote harmony in the environment and to highlight them individually. Defining a work as a focal point or drawing a "guideline" will also be of great value to maintain the balance of the whole in future modifications.

Coordinating canvas paintings with other art makes the gallery wall more unique.

Granting new attributions to the already known decorative arts creates surrounding spaces with substantial originality. Transform panels and frames in headboards or rugs in wall decorations are some examples of how this strategy works and makes interiors more unique, attracting the eye to the contemplation of each resignified aspect.

Artistic interventions such as paintings on the walls themselves offer the necessary creativity to connect the pieces in essence, incorporating the paintings with other elements of the decoration with great propriety. The absence of decorative screens , in turn, gives way to picture frames that fill the walls, exalting the moments as works of art on display.

Placing the canvases in different places transforms the wall and reframes the works.

Just like the decoration as a whole, the gallery wall brings to the house who you are, what you aspire to, what you like, what inspires you and your idea of ​​home. If, on the one hand, Buddha images bring a sense of refuge and motivate inner peace, paintings with warrior Indians can inspire courage in addition to spreading an irresistible ethnic scent throughout the space. And you know the best of all? At Arte & Tune there are canvas options that will fill the soul with all its nuances.


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