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Indigenous artistic-cultural expression has always provoked great fascination, both for the symbolism of natural elements and the language constructed by graphics , and for the unique aesthetic offered by indigenous artifacts or decorative objects based on the plurality of the Brazilian ethnic composition when integrating interior decoration . Given the historical relevance, the ethnic style in Brazil is mainly focused on the legacy of the Indians who still resist, keeping their beliefs and arts alive with the beautiful connection with nature.

From a genuine environment with pieces from different origins, we envision that the creation of space inspired by indigenous art does not need to be faithful to the characteristics of different cultures or featuring only traditional handicrafts such as the headdress and the bow and arrow pair. Here it becomes clear that the mixture, like Brazilian diversity, is the basis for exploring the indigenous essence of Brazil in an authentic home decor .

Wood carving : shades and natural wood furniture

Wood brings with it the spirit of the forest and the connection with nature.

Wood carving is one of the oldest plastic arts used by ancestors and indigenous tribes , both as a utilitarian and ritualistic purpose. It embraces different rudimentary techniques in synergy with the cultural memory of the ethnic group, which in turn give rise to a multitude of characteristics and visual appeals responsible for the construction of an authentic piece, in terms of aesthetics, concept and symbology. More than a simple raw material, natural wood establishes a powerful connection with the spirits of nature, imparting a special energy to the decorative object, in addition to providing warmth to the home decor .

Indigenous beliefs like this add special value to arts with a mystical essence, such as the decorative mask , especially when contemplating a sustainable concept, reusing each piece to create new product designs. In addition to varying sizes, base pieces allow you to explore wood art with creativity on furniture, while wall pieces encourage you to fill the decor of environments with extra doses of style. Here, wooden furniture can also anchor this link with nature, especially if it maintains the original structure of the tree as a distinctive feature.

Brazilian indigenous: props, feather art and face painting

Interventions as ethnic differentiators and statements for the decor of the environment.

In decorative art, aesthetics is a great differentiating element. Using the same materials, shapes and colors can originate an infinity of works; and so do references to indigenous culture in ethnic decoration . Each Brazilian indigenous group has body and face paintings, natural adornments and very particular feather arts that expose traces of location, cosmogony and cultural expression. These characteristics tell stories and make up the visual appeal of the art, creating stimuli in the interiors.

Canvas paintings like the one by Matheus Pereira and wooden masks from Curral da Cor show how these singularities that form the cultural identity are inspirations that value the environment and become statement pieces, that is, that uphold the protagonism of the decoration . The geometry of the ethnic drawings that represent the fauna, flora and the position of the Indian within the tribe; the combination of colors coming from natural pigments such as clay, annatto and genipap; the types of feathers on the headdresses and the bone decorations on the ears, nose and lips form an enriching set.

Breaking down the pattern: colors, shapes and symbolic elements

Break down the style and establish a connection with decorative objects from other corners of the world.

It is true that the ethnic style is global, since it is very broad and involves all ethnic groups and their cultural particularities, not being restricted to the tribal or indigenous context. And it is precisely this whole mixture that makes decoration with an ethnic essence always escape the obvious. While there is a natural appeal , particularly to handcrafted work, the absence of a standardized format gives you more room to incorporate your personal touch or coordinate arts from different ethnicities in the same space, creating multiple connections to maintain visual interest.

There are countless " ethnic patterns" in the world... Each one conveying a different narrative and symbology through geometric designs such as the paintings of Chihuahua ceramics , the weaves of Egyptian Killim carpets , the Ikat prints of Indonesian pillows or the hollow carvings of Indian lanterns . The shapes and colors of decorative objects from different parts of the world become powerful links and create a charming contrast. If you don't know where to start, start from pieces with natural elements such as wood, fibers and clay. Because even if they don't have details with a very striking ethnic aesthetic, they will form a good base to create a cozy space.

Ethnic decor : visual constructions and cultural identity

Ethnicity evokes making our roots visible and valuing cultural memory in the environment.

Ethnic art acts not only as an original decor. From the cultural heritage materialized in decorative and utilitarian objects with symbolic elements, it recalls our roots, allowing us to create a bridge between our cultural identity and the concept of value of each culture. After all, it is through it that the history and true wealth of indigenous peoples in Brazil, and other ethnic groups around the world, become accessible and can be valued using decor as a tool.

The style makes us more attentive to the meanings of each object within its original contexts, as well as the impact of making it accessible in other atmospheres. Acquiring it brings more responsibility and purpose to decoration , as it fosters the economy of small communities. In our online store you will find the stories of different ethnicities being told through art. Which one makes sense for your trajectory? Share with us!


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