Zen space - Interior decoration aimed at balance

The excesses that are part of everyday life, whether of information or activities, make us increasingly feel the need to collect ourselves, to silence the external noise in order to hear our inner voice more clearly. And one of the ways to make this possible is to create a Zen space at home, capable of nourishing and balancing body , mind and spirit .

Here, it is not just about stylishly decorating an environment for yoga or meditation , but defining elements with powerful meanings and purposes that are consistent with their essence, which stimulate a holistic view and act as instruments that enhance well-being .

It is necessary to understand that Zen decoration is not just physical, part of the internal spaces of the house, but the extension of its interior. After all, everything is connected and this space does not fit the duality "inside" and "outside". Therefore, it is essential to be aware of yourself, your habits and what feeds you. Conscience will be your guide!

Appropriate the meaning of the decorative arts to energize interiors.

There are no rules to define the most suitable space or the exact size it should have, but it is worth mentioning the importance of considering quiet environments , since it is a refuge to transmute energies. Still, because it's based on you, it's important that it reflects your needs and availability!

If there is little available space, for example, inserting a large pillow or a set of comfortable pillows under a rug with a pleasant texture can offer welcome and relaxation in meditative practices and become a place for disconnection .

On the other hand, if you have larger spaces, you can invest in ergonomic rustic furniture to produce a welcoming atmosphere that slows down, balances and awakens the best energies; since natural materials tend to make the look warmer.

Rustic furniture creates a cozy atmosphere for a Zen Space.

Some elements such as incense , vases with plants, decorative Buddhas , Tibetan bowls , wind chimes and water fountains contribute not only to the aesthetics of the environment, but to the well-being during moments of connection with the higher self, since they are sensory stimuli that invigorate vital energy and make the zen experience more enriching.

In this context, chromotherapy is another powerful sensory stimulus that helps in healing processes and harmonizes the energies of the house and body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is important to consider it when defining the color palette for blankets , pillows , crystals, rugs , mandalas and the wall itself.

Appropriating natural lighting is also a great way to relax, connect with nature and measure the time of practices according to the intensity of light that accesses the environment. Table lamps with low lighting and candles in lanterns , in turn, will help to climate the space and leave it relaxing throughout the day.

Water fountains and incense are great sensory stimuli to leave the zen environment.

Whatever the dimension of your Zen environment , when entering the space, be present, breathe consciously and allow the good fluids of each element to lead you to wonderful experiences. " Deliver , trust , accept and thank ! "

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