Healing herbs - The power of medicinal and therapeutic herbal baths


Whatever the level of imbalance - physical, mental or spiritual - we are always looking for healing rituals to live with quality and fully experience the trajectory of consciential evolution ; since the use of herbs and medicinal plants as tea , oil , incense and bath salt is very old and dates back to human evolution itself. In this context, integrative medicine emerges as a way of aligning the ancestral knowledge of Shamanism with this purpose, taking advantage of the therapeutic properties of natural raw materials; both symbolically and chemically.

The herbal bath that heals, in particular, proves to be an efficient natural therapy as it is based on the concepts and applications of herbalism (or phytotherapy) to purify the body's illnesses, protect the vibrational field from negativity and stimulate well-being through of good fluids and the practice of self-care . With the help of the energetic properties of coarse salt, the healing, therapeutic and relaxing functions of the combination of 7 sacred herbs as bath salt makes this holistic beauty ritual more meaningful and potent.

Energy cleaning and purification of environments

Sacred herbs unite their vibrational powers to transmute negative energy.

When the idea of ​​taking an unloading bath comes to mind, it is very likely that coarse salt is one of the natural ingredients considered to purify energy, remove tension from the body and promote relaxation. It performs a deep cleaning in all fields of the human essence, allowing medicinal herbs to act freely with all the vibrational power of their natures. Bath salts convert this energy cleaning process into a moment of connection with the sensitive world.

Rue ( Ruta graveolens ) is the first sacred herb to be considered when purifying the dimensions or spheres of the body (material, emotional and astral). She unblocks negative emotions and extinguishes the action of harmful energies such as the famous "evil eye" so that prosperity , protection and love can be fully manifested in the paths that will be opened by her. The combination with other mystical herbs such as basil and rosemary intensifies the relaxing quality and leaves the bath fresher.

Spiritual protection and vibrational healing

Herbal bath shields the vibrational field promoting healing and protection.

It is not enough to clean the influences of negative energies to live in abundance. You need to protect yourself from them by keeping yourself in tune with the vibration of positive energies . And while maintaining high thoughts is essential, the 7 shamanic herb bath is body and spirit care that can strengthen your purpose or healing process by creating a force field around you. And sage , guinea and Saint George's sword are some of these herbs used in natural medicine with the intention of protection .

The protective capacity of sage ( Salvia officinalis ) extends to skin care, as it stops bleeding from wounds in addition to fighting infections. Guinea pig ( Petiveria tetrandra ) has herbal properties that help eliminate toxins from the body. The Saint George sword ( Dracaena trifasciata ), in turn, is normally used to protect the home when placed in the entrance hall . However, it is through the therapeutic bath with its leaves that it confers emotional balance, shielding the mind from bad influences.

Stimulation of physical balance and emotional well-being

The properties of the 7 herbs strengthen immunity and raise energy vibration.

The cycle of action of phytotherapy in the bath is completed when natural herbs stimulate good vibrations in addition to purifying and protecting the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, it is important to consider the individual properties of each one and which of them are strengthened by joint action. Rosemary ( Salvia rosmarinus ), basil ( Ocimum basilicum ) and olive tree ( Olea europaea ), for example, form a powerful, fragrant and invigorating combination to awaken the senses and provide well-being .

The stimulating character of rosemary is aimed at renewing vital energy by reducing cortisol levels, which relieves stress, improves memory and maintains mental health . Combined with the calming herbal power of basil , the herbal bath is also aimed at relaxation , stimulating balance by slowing down the restless mind ( monkey mind ), in addition to boosting immunity. The olive tree stimulates the capacity for action by improving the respiratory system, bringing vigor to the practice of meditation , and favoring the concentrated breathing of Pranayama .

Herbal bath restores physical, mental and spiritual balance.

The harmonious combination of the energetic vibrations of rock salt together with the seven medicinal and therapeutic herbs (rue, Saint George's sword, guinea, sage, rosemary, basil and olive tree) forming a powerful bath salt transforms the moment of cleaning the body into a legitimate one. regeneration ritual to reach (and enjoy) the maximum power of your being. With so many incredible aromatherapeutics, it's easy to find in our online store what will make you vibrate higher.


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São muito boa essas e vas mas .vai ser um prazer trabalhar com elas

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Manoel Augusto Vieira Santos

Minha esposa tem ansiedade e cardica e retimia problema de coração qual ervas pode curar

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Cristina oliveira

Não encontrei o preço….do banho de ervas!

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jose antonio de jesus

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Maria Eduarda

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