Divine art - Sculptures of gods and home decor

What makes images of gods so attractive in environments? The history, the culture in which they are inserted, the meanings linked to the iconography or all of that together? The fact is that the deities take part of what they believe in to build interiors that are more in tune with what we feel and desire. Therefore, whatever the geographic and temporal context or the religion in which a deific figure is inserted, above all, it manifests a high purpose for decoration.

Decorative sculptures are the most privileged works of art since they allow more freedom to create creative compositions without, precisely, looking like an altar. With this, any space gains authority to be guided by spirituality and express the essence and beauty of divine art, bringing more intention to home decor . The synergy between the environment and what vibrates inside is what will bring more personality to the decoration with sculptures of gods .

Deities & interior design : spirituality guides decoration

Decorative objects of deities enrich the interior design with a visual impact.

Ponder the expressiveness of the Hindu gods , from the joyful and serene faces to the most intimidating and voracious. Whichever way the craftsman chooses to mold it in resin, in metal or carve it in natural wood, it will provoke a peculiar feeling in the decorative arrangement. In interior design the deities find a way to guide you to the daily practice of your purpose. And that's also why they make the environment richer and more meaningful.

The aesthetics of Buddhas and other deities such as orishas and African ancestral figures anchor a mystical appeal in the decoration of tables, sideboards and shelves. He invites you to explore the senses with aromatic candles , essential oils , incense and plants that, consequently, call for new pieces in the composition such as candle holders , diffusers ,censers and decorative vases to create a visual and olfactory impact that promotes well-being.

Spiritual connection : environment decorated with intention

Transform interior decor with manifesting your spiritual purpose.

It is not necessary to bring pieces that have the same philosophy or historical-temporal context into the environment. When the spiritual connection comes into play to define the intention of the environment, everything becomes possible, what the sculptures make you feel goes beyond any aesthetic rule, in addition to being what will define the personal character of the interior decoration. So, it's okay to align pieces from different universes such as a Buddha and African art or an avatar of Shiva and a figurine with a crucifix . What is important is the energy that the selection of divine arts inspires in the environment.

In some cultures, organic raw material such as wood transfers the spiritual essence of forest ancestral beings to the decorative object. For this reason, although it does not bear a deific image , wood art manifests divine energy in its natural structure. It also represents one of the five essential elements in decoration guided by Feng Shui , as it promotes the development of creativity and intuition, in addition to attracting abundance.

Namaste essence : the divine in you salutes the interior

When you understand the divine in yourself, you eventually find it in everything that exists.

Creating interiors is also externalizing a bit of yourself. It will be difficult to bring into the environment something that does not match your interior at a given moment (because as we change, this also changes). Therefore, the search for well-being goes through the encounter with your divine nature, the inner wisdom . And from the moment you recognize it and understand the importance of the elements that will help you to keep it always active, you will know how to use them in your surroundings, adding value through decoration .

Know how to welcome and transform the divine in you to then perceive and anchor decorative arts in the environment that feed the soul in an integral way, keeping physical, mental and emotional health in balance . In times of difficulty, the deities will help to harmonize harmful energy, clarify thoughts and expand the power of action. Understanding what vibrates inside you is the first step in building a personalized Zen space .

Get inspired by the good vibes of the gods!

The iconography of the Hindu gods makes them a statement for spiritualized environments.
Bodhisattvas like Tara show that spiritual transformation begins within oneself.
The different deities like the Egyptian Isis contemplate the spaces with positive energies.
Artistic manifestations of tribal ancestry are powerful spiritual symbols for decoration.

The lifestyle we aspire to or adopt always flows into home decor and vice versa, as the good vibes we artistically manifest in the environment also influence how we feel and, consequently, our ability to act. In our decorative arts store there is a special section for creating Zen Mystic environments.
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