Mystical decoration with arts and instruments of shamanism

It is automatic to mentalize North American indigenous tribes ( First Nations ) or esoteric articles when the topic of shamanism comes into play. And although they form part of the shamanistic trajectory and practice , this religion or set of spiritual practices is much broader and is present in beliefs and rituals of different cultures around the world, especially indigenous ones, exalting the animist concept that everything has a soul and it is interconnected.

The term shaman described in anthropology expresses a complex combination of beliefs and practices (such as healing and purification) that involve magic, divination and spiritual connection through an individual who, within the culture to which he belongs, received a call and dedicated his life to the self-improvement of spirituality . Your contact with the ancestry or the Great Spirit occurs in visions during trances, meditations and astral journeys intermediated by natural elements such as feathers, seeds, wood, plant fibers.

Current shamanism , neo-shamanism or modern shamanism, deviates from the original tradition because it no longer has the same environment, however, it incorporates the essence of shamanic rituals and the power of shamans into the daily life of large cities through instruments , textiles and sculptures of sacred animals transforming interior decoration into the key to accessing the spiritual world , in your home's internal environments or external environments such as the garden.

percussion musical instruments

Drums and rattles are the most traditional instruments to enter EXC.

Music and dance are fully integrated into the original shamanic rituals and practices of indigenous peoples . According to archaeologist Michael Harner in the book “ The shaman's path: a guide to power and healing” , percussion instruments such as drums and rattles are the basic instruments to enter the shamanic state of consciousness (XC), since the rhythmic stimulus alters the central nervous system by stimulating the sensory area.

The frame drum and the maraca rattle made with wood, leather, natural fibers and seeds are the most common musical instruments in current shamanism , while handcrafted instruments such as the African djembe drum and the half moon tambourine are inspired by traditional sounds to promote a differentiated rhythm, in addition to decorating mystical spaces with personality through the rustic style of their colorful handmade artistic paintings .

Ritualistic Indigenous Instruments

The existence of a spirit or soul in everything that exists, from stones to plants, is one of the main shamanistic beliefs . It is intertwined with the concept that there are good and bad spirits influencing health (spiritual and physical imbalances) and the flow of things. Therefore, the power present in the essence of each natural element is extremely important to assist the shaman 's work in healing and purification rituals .

Handmade accessories such as dreamcatchers with feathers and mandala- shaped weaves, for example, are designed to harmonize the environment and trap the energy of evil spirits in their webs so as not to disturb dreams, turning them into nightmares .

The headdress , in turn, is a symbol of power within the indigenous tribe and using it in mystical decoration anchors the shaman 's symbolic energy as well as that of birds (feathers), mammals (leather) and the tribe's ethnicity (braided, beads , geometric designs, etc.) that make up an exotic and unique aesthetic. The same goes for indigenous instruments such as wooden bows and arrows and for handmade Indian masks that become authentic wall decorations .

Rustic wood power animals

Power animals cannot be missing from decor that incorporates concepts from shamanic culture such as the Sioux , since the connection with all beings, especially animals, is essential in shamanism . By having a guardian animal, you can absorb its spiritual power , which in decoration is represented by figurative arts such as realistic sculptures in rustic wood. Decorative animals such as horses , snakes , eagles and owls embody the sacred power of each species, revealing the essence of each one in an original way.

Horses are courageous and indomitable, and this freedom is substantial in promoting detachment and fearlessness. Snakes, on the other hand, are symbols of healing , transmutation and spiritual elevation, being important to promote the balance of body, mind and spirit. However, if the focus is on the pursuit of sacred vision and mental clarity, the eagle will be the ideal spirit animal. Still, if the most important thing is to promote wisdom, psychic powers and occult skills for magic, owls will play a key role in your shaman decoration .

Ethnic style textiles

The characteristic geometric patterns of blankets and colorful rugs with linden and reed weaves dyed and handcrafted to form textiles of the Navajo peoples are constant inspirations for ethnic tapestry . The similarity of the complex designs, full of symbolism, and the hand-woven fabrics with Egyptian Kilims is another factor that expands the possibilities of incorporating a bohemian touch with ethnic appeal in the decoration .

The shamanic cultural diversity contributed to the incorporation of different patterns in textile articles . This is the case of aspects of North Asia, such as Mongolia, and North America, such as the United States, which influenced artistic productions all over the world, especially in India and Bali, as evidenced by the fringed carpet and the fabric cover. patterned pillow .

Essentially, ethnic decorative arts make spaces warmer and higher in purpose. They bring spirituality to everyday life and transform interior decoration with originality through all the eccentricity they express. In our online store you will be able to find exclusive pieces that will not only enrich your home, but will make it a temple to raise your consciousness.


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