Boho living room decor with demolition wood furniture

Wood is a special element for those who want to add warmth inside and outside the home, especially when the tone of the environment reflects a design with a rustic aesthetic . This is because inserting wooden furniture in the decoration of spaces focused on welcoming people such as the dining room, veranda, garden and, especially, the living room transports us to the uncomplicated and welcoming essence of modern boho .

When in the living room , this style dialogues with the eclecticity of the color chart inspired by nature and the comfort promoted by the textures of the composition of handcrafted pieces . And, although it traditionally exalts elements such as colorful tapestries , line crafts - such as macrame hangers - and rattan arts , demolition wood furniture can also incorporate its particularities into interiors to promote style and comfort.

Demolition wood as a vintage article in decoration

Reclaimed wood furniture incorporates vintage into modern boho interior decor.

One of the hallmarks of boho style it is to turn our gaze to the past with respect for roots and history. This feature is incorporated into the interior design through relics and antique furniture or furniture that conveys the same feeling as those developed with demolition wood . Despite being a raw material reused from another structure and belonging to a different period, when used in the creation of a new piece it is re-signified and gains a touch of modernity.

Incidentally, the new configuration of the bohemian is not dissociated from a bold, yet simple, design. In this context, details such as wear and tear, peeling paint, holes and reclaimed wood planks with different colors shed light on the value of the action of time and vintage as a differential in the modern boho environment.

The structure of the handmade furniture based on comfort

Including a coffee table and wooden sofas with ergonomic designs add to the feeling of comfort.

One of the main keywords of the modern boho style is welcoming, which is why promoting comfort in spaces is essential. The wood itself already anchors this idea when it is present in the decoration, especially the reuse of noble trees such as peroba and cedar, which brings the sustainable concept and the affective connection with its history. Even so, there is a need to think about the structure, the way the space welcomes, that is, the type of furniture .

Of course, when decorating rooms like the living room , it all starts with the sofa, which is the main protagonist and also the centerpiece in adding comfort. But how about daring to incorporate wooden armchairs and benches into the environment that integrate proper height design, ergonomic armrests and large seats for the boho decor ? The center table is another piece that contributes to creating an interesting and warm living room . She helps to welcome guests by supporting snacks, magazines, scented candles or accommodating their belongings.

The eclecticism of the modern boho style in the mix of furniture patterns

Modern boho style is exalted in the design of handcrafted furniture with a mixture of artistic styles.

As much as the demolition wood of the furniture has the same origin, the effect of time is not identical in all of them, promoting a mix of patterns. Another factor is the difference in tone of the reused wood due to the number of rings formed in the tree's growth cycle - lighter and wider between spring and summer, and narrower and darker between autumn and winter -, given that it was normally cultivated up to the maturity.

The eclecticism of the furniture patterns is also accentuated by the design details. There is a balanced mix of artistic styles that make the pieces unique when the craftsman feeds on historical references. Inspired by the stylistic trajectory, he transposes into each piece of furniture the turned details of the neoclassical style , the delicacy of the carved organic forms of modern art nouveau , the simplicity of oriental forms, the informality of Italian Provençal , among others.

The balance of the composition with the texture of reused wood

The texture of demolition wood furniture is visually attractive and helps to promote comfort.

The demolition wood details and its light tones add texture to the decor, balancing the furniture with a sense of depth without giving it too much visual weight. It is also obtained through the rustic appeal of the aged raw material combined with the modern design style resulting in a harmonic and warm bohemian composition.

The set with bench , armchairs and coffee table made of demolition wood shows how pieces normally designated for outdoor areas can be included in interiors to create a warm, inviting and genuinely stylish – albeit simple – aesthetic. Here the apparent simplicity of the furniture becomes the main attribute to favor the decoration of the room with other decorative arts . When visiting our online store, you will be able to choose the one that best matches your home!


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