Table decoration for warm receptions

There is nothing warmer than entering an environment where the decor embraces you and invites you to sit down and feel at ease. This becomes more evident when the interior design style combines beauty, comfort and functionality making unpretentious spaces welcoming, even for the banal moments of everyday life.

In this context, when the reception of guests comes into play, the decoration of the table , whether in the dining room or living room , becomes the star, the focal point of the environment to make functionality shine decorative arts , which is the key to creating original and cozy compositions to the point of making everyone feel at home.

Try new ways with utilitarian objects in carved wood with a rustic style.

This warmth is achieved in interiors mainly by structural pieces with a reference to nature - from natural raw materials , through a warm and organic color palette , to rustic aesthetic additions. Coffee tables , for example, stand out when reception is informal and food is focused on appetizers, since the functional purpose of this moment dispenses with the use of dinnerware and cutlery.

The reduced space of the small tables requires versatile pieces that provide variety while preserving balance and that reinforce the comfy (comfortable) aesthetic appeal of the environment. They fit here lovely trays , bowls and handcrafted wooden pots that, in addition to providing a special look due to the detailing of the sculpture, its multifunctionality allows it to be used as a decorative or food item.

Combine the usefulness and rustic aesthetics of basketwork to promote warmth in the environment.

Texture is an important element to add comfort to the environment and visual interest in the centerpiece favoring different interior design principles such as variety, rhythm , unity, harmony and contrast. Handmade decorative objects made with braided natural fibers such as basketwork create a casual, cozy and rustic atmosphere.

The variety of sizes, purposes and models of baskets such as trays , cup holders , organizers and bowls make it possible to explore different interior spaces. Sideboards , in turn, are especially valued with baskets and draw attention to the use of the entire environment for guests to circulate.

Compose enriching scenarios using metal trays and souplats as supports.

When carved trays are re-signified, leaving the usefulness of serving to produce a differentiated and intimate setting with compositions on the side tables or side tables, it is worth turning off the lights in the rooms and letting the lamps , pendants or rechaud candles in candle holders radiate their colors on metal providing relaxation and feeling of warmth.

Warm light is as essential as the use of practical arts to design a cozy space that makes it possible to share good times. Mixing materials is important to balance the style of the environment and promote balance. In the absence of metal mandalas like these, how about using framed mirrors to visually expand the glow of candlelight?

Use decorative vases with or without flowers in the centerpiece to make the look unique.

There are countless possibilities to create harmonious and warm environments if I stick to the centerpieces . Embrace the versatility of decorative vases and bring more nature into your home, or accent the dining table using custom embossed vase designs as a cozy centerpiece, whether in Indian metal , Turkish ceramic or Filipino mother of pearl .

However, in every choice, keep in mind the feeling that it transmits alone or together. The closer it is to a homely inspiration and human warmth , the more it will make guests feel integrated into the environment. Cherish small receptions and your best moments with Arte & Tune !


Milene Sousa - Art & Tune

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