Decoration with organizing baskets in natural fibers

The rustic aesthetics of natural fibers handcrafted together with the type of braiding and the shape that gives structure make basketwork great allies in interior decoration , exceeding functionality to grant extra doses of style in environments. Whether big or small, the baskets are multifunctional storage pieces, whose usefulness extends to all environments: bedroom decoration , laundry organization, bathroom composition, kitchen systematization, living room attire and wherever creativity fits.

The versatility of combining the organizing baskets is reinforced by the ways in which they are used, as there are possibilities to store different types of objects in different ways, depending on the viability of the environment in which they are inserted.

Including functional pieces optimizes the use of spaces and enhances the decoration.

If the sky is the limit, according to the popular expression, we can play - with the same idea that anything is possible - that the ground is an immensity of opportunities. Thus, inserting object holder baskets into the living room decor will make the atmosphere more cozy, especially if it is accompanied by blankets and pillows . The same welcoming proposal extends to use as a magazine rack, control organizer box or support for coffee and bar items.

The layout in the environment regulates the aesthetic appeal (increasing or reducing it), and is an important factor in defining practicality. Placing them next to furniture or between sofas, for example, makes stored objects more accessible, while placing them under furniture or between shelves optimizes the space, leaving it organized.

Baskets are great allies in decoration both for aesthetics and functionality.

Sets of baskets in different sizes make great toy organizer options or as cachepots to incorporate plants and flowers into interiors adding visual interest and freshness. Baskets with handles are more than necessary items to put dirty clothes, separate items and bring style to the laundry room - a space that is not very favored in decoration, just like the bathroom.

The latter is one of the environments that offer the most creative possibilities for use in basketry , whether as a sophisticated holder for clean towels and toilet paper or holders for objects and various cosmetics. By the way, here they also fit to decorate potted plants, leaving the place more beautiful and airy.

The versatility of basketry uses reinforces its importance in decoration.

Do you want to improve the decoration of the room ? Try reinforcing the comfort of the space with the texture provided by the braided fibers of the baskets. In addition to providing the interior with a peasant essence, when lined with fabrics, they serve as drawers under beds, in wardrobes or nightstands. Rectangular models with a lid can be used as chests at the foot of the bed, while the round ones completely transform the environment if placed under the headboard, subverting functionality.

In this case, it is worth investing in pieces with different colors, sizes, shapes and weaves - more open or closed - that draw the wall with authenticity. Combining or contrasting baskets with other pieces such as African masks , handcrafted mandalas , decorated pictures , mirrors or paintings will add more value to the wall decoration , whether in the bedroom, living room, entrance hall or your zen space .

Decorated baskets add texture to the environment, highlighting the feeling of coziness.

Hanging baskets deeper on the walls as niches for succulents or shelves for small objects, as well as using them as domes for sconces and pendants are also original alternatives that make an impact and take crafts out of the commonplace, which is no less important, but that offers conditions to be better exploited.

It is a fact that interior design techniques make it easier to harmonize the layout of the arts in decoration, however much of the knowledge is built through experimentation, experiences and observation of what each piece awakens in each place. Therefore, tune in to the decorative arts that surround you, enhance them with the wonderful basketwork that we have available in our online store and be surprised by the look they provide!


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