How to create a zen space in interior decoration

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Combining aesthetics and well-being in home or work interior decoration is not a difficult task. The challenge is to understand in depth what are the things that beautify the interior of your soul while vibrating the essence of Zen and providing you with relaxation , happiness and positivity . For, although the principles are very simple, Zen is not materially translated with the same aesthetic appreciation for everyone.

It is not necessary to strictly follow the minimalism proposed by the concept. However, it is important to envision what evokes warmth, tranquility and gratitude , what disconnects you from external noise and energizes the body with good feelings. The Zen space is, above all, personal and reflects the beliefs and intentions that vibrate in you.

Of course, it's up to us to transform our everyday experience as a whole into something that promotes balance and helps spiritual evolution; however, some practices such as Feng Shui in decoration, essentially connected with the individual purpose , will be true guides to create a little corner of refuge . Check it out!

Use elements that explore the senses

decoration-zen-god-hindu-ganesha-stones-candle holder-censer-lotus-marmorite Censers with a Zen aesthetic are favoring arts to integrate the aromas of incense.

Everything you see, hear, smell, touch or taste causes sensations, whether beneficial or not. And the great impasse in the construction of a Zen corner is the choice of elements that anchor the feeling of warmth and calm, in addition to keeping it present. A special song or mantra playing on the stereo can bring lightness to the moment. The scent of natural incense , in turn, will act on the harmony of the body as it travels through the environment making it more pleasant.

If you want a deeper olfactory experience, study the aromas of Indian incense and use aromatherapy to combine them with the scents of aromatic candles or chromotherapy by coordinating them with colored candles . The set is visually harmonious and pleasant, especially if accompanied by candle holders andcensers with a mystical and symbolic visual appeal, such as the lotus flower .

Invest in warm lighting and candlelight

Use decorative candle holders to imprint spiritual intent on the decor.

Lighting is an essential factor in building a relaxing and peaceful environment as Zen evokes. The warm atmosphere of warm light and candlelight sustains comfort as the basis of the decor. If, on the one hand, its luminosity is a valuable resource for spaces with little incidence of natural light, on the other hand, it is an important device to slow down the mind in meditation and self-care practices.

Rechaud candles are the most versatile. They can heat essences in aromatherapy diffusers , light Indian lanterns scattered on the floor or decorative candle holders on furniture. When decorated with Buddha images , sculptures of Hindu gods or other deities and mystical symbols, candle holders imprint a spiritual intention on the home decor. Ganesha , for example, evokes the removal of obstacles and prosperity.

Choose images that reinforce your purpose

Images of Buddhas , monks, Hindu gods and others keep you connected to the spiritual path.

There is no way to dissolve the link between Zen and oriental art, nor the link between the latter and spirituality. And that's why when we think of Zen art for decoration, we usually associate it with sculptures of Buddhas and symbols of Buddhism . In the same way, it occurs with other eastern religions, such as Hinduism , when we idealize Hindu gods such as Brahma , Shiva , Ganesh , Lakshmi , among others. This is because each deity brings with it symbolic characteristics that maintain energy balance wherever they are.

By having a clear purpose for the space, it becomes easier to choose an image that reinforces it on a daily basis, which creates a serene atmosphere and maintains a sense of welcome in the environment that runs through the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Art alone already achieves this goal, so you can imagine how well-being and positive feelings are awakened. Monks and Buddhas are among the favorites!

Apply the principles of Feng Shui

Including stones and running water in the decoration balances the circulation of energy in the environment.

Feng Shui is based on the flow of vital energy ( Chi ) of the places, which is influenced by the arrangement of furniture and objects in the decoration. By considering its principles you create not only visual harmony but also transform the physical space and its energy field into a Zen environment . One of the resources refers to the use of running water for the area of ​​the Map of Baguá corresponding to prosperity.

Decorative water fountains fulfill the role of running water inside the house while reinforcing the Zen style of the decor. The movement of the water purifies harmful energies making them positive while the noise incites relaxation. The addition of deific sculptures , stones or crystals, such as amethyst , can enhance the healing and purification power of water, making the space even more therapeutic.

Whatever your resource, when Zen guides decoration, it becomes an invitation to appreciate daily the way in which you access the divine nature within you. Therefore, use the peace of mind and beauty of the Zen arts sold in our physical and virtual store in this favor.


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Neiva Maria Picada da Costa
Neiva Maria Picada da Costa

Moro num sítio. Meu propósito é criar um espaço Zen individual. Prefiro os princípios do Feng Shui. Tenho um filho arquiteto. Gracias pela acolhida.

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