Rattan straw bag - Balinese women's accessory in natural fiber

When we think of handcrafted women's accessories like the rattan bag - the most sought-after accessory of the moment - we are soon directed to the unpretentious essence of Balinese Style . And it is not surprising that this natural fiber bag is so in evidence, since there is a strong connection between the culture of the Island of Bali and the moment we live in the West through the search for a lighter and more conscious lifestyle.

Handcrafted accessory from natural materials that carries the essence of Balinese style.

Made 100% by hand , the bag is made of natural materials of vegetable origin such as rattan (base) and batik (lining), and sometimes with details of animal origin such as leather (handle and clasp).

rustic rattan balinese bag
Round rattan bag with leather handle and clasp.

The entire development cycle of the Balinese bag tells a story, starting with the fiber in which it is woven. 70% of the world's rattan manufacturing takes place in Indonesia, so those made in Bali are the most desirable. The other 30% of natural fiber production is divided between the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

There is a plurality of textures and shades of the Bali bag.

Not only are the materials traditional, the basketry technique used by Indonesian artisans is millenary and its production is passed down from generation to generation. Even so, no bag is faithful to the other, giving the product an exclusive character.

Each handmade accessory is unique, with very unique characteristics.

Following the rusticity of its structure, the bag is coated with batik, another raw material that emphasizes the value of manual work applied in its manufacture. The fabric that has a cotton base is colorful and usually exalts organic patterns. It is traditionally produced in Java, using a dyeing technique with wax that is the same name as the fabric.

The round rattan bag is present in every corner of Bali.

Bali's craft production is plural! In all tourist spots on the island you can see the wide variety of shapes, textures, shades and sizes of rattan bags . However, the medium-sized round ones are the bets of Arte & Tune and the ones that best represent the design and rustic style of Bali.

I hope we managed to convey all the charm present in every detail. And, the best thing is, you don't have to go to the island of Bali to get yours. See the models available in our online store !


Milene Sousa - Art & Tune

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