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Boho chic is beyond time, it manifests itself in the most distinct settings, including furniture , basketry and tapestry , experimenting with vibrant patterns, complex textures and unusual and contrasting colors to bring authentic and very inviting environments to life. The style, which was born in France as a break with the aspirations and standards of bourgeois beauty in the 19th century, has become a legitimate lifestyle , contemplating everything from clothing to interior decoration with freshness, sophistication and freedom in the same measure.

Creativity is the guiding principle of this decor that plays with the aesthetics of the interiors, always keeping it clean and cozy to enter the space without ceremony. By embracing characteristics of other styles such as ethnic ,rustic and zen , boho shows that its main facet is to add new stories and meanings in the most different corners of the house. In this way, guided by theboho arts of our online store, we brought you some ideas to bring the free spirit to the decoration.

Natural connection: decorative elements symbolic of nature

Shells, feathers and stones are natural elements that stand out in boho decor.

Close your eyes and confirm if any natural element comes to mind when the word boho sounds. This connection with nature is extremely symbolic for the style, which emanates a free, organic and uncomplicated vibe. The elegantly deconstructed aesthetic with the help of shells , feathers , stones , wood and natural fibers embraces a warm essence by stripping away the ideal of perfection and constancy. Boho chic embraces the energy and time of things and, consequently, clearly evokes the beauty of transience in everything that exists. Everything flows in balance when the arts exchange vibrations with the environment.

The ephemeral character of the bohemian lifestyle , in turn, always brings a dose of eclecticism and personality, especially through handcrafted pieces that speak for themselves and expose the handmade as a precious addition. This is the case of the braided natural fibers that surround the basketwork for decorating boho living rooms. Both themacramé and the fringes make the environment more intimate and relaxed, harmonizing with the relaxed energy that manifests itself in the space.

Mix & Match : colorful mixtures of prints, embroidery and patterns

The eclecticism of shapes and colors is the key to building bohemian decor.

The eclectic predisposition of the boho home is seen mainly in the composition of the color chart of the interiors. The unpretentious mix of print styles and types of embroidery promotes unusual impressions, without leaning too much towards a dramatic tone. It is through patterns with ethnic designs, for example, that the style enlarges small environments and, with the same strategy, fills large spaces with extra doses of comfort, especially if the key pieces in the construction of the color palette are cushions , rugs and blankets . .

Bright colors keep the mood vibrant. And if it depends on the Kilim tapestry, there will be no shortage of positive and powerful energy flowing. Try using them in structured places with wooden furniture or neutral surfaces to create contrast and shape a cohesive look and high spirits. After all, the feeling of lightness proposed by this decoration can be read in many ways, depending on the personal style and cultural background of each one. One of them is definitely relaxation. Want a suggestion? Take all these colors to the entrance hall and show right away what to expect from the other environments.

Texture statement : textures as guides for visual harmony

Braided straw, inlaid stone and carved wood create harmony in boho decor.

Balance is one of the interior design principles that best utilizes the power of textures to build a visually balanced space. Its premise is the harmonious distribution of details, weighing the visual weight they transmit from different characteristics such as shapes, materials, textures and colors. However, it is not achieved alone, it is necessary to start from other basic foundations such as emphasis , contrast and harmony . Even though texture is the boho style statement , it is not traditionally used as an emphasis or centerpiece, since it refers to the perception of all elements in interior decoration and not just the most apparent ones.

Even so, when appearing in decorative objects through braided natural fiber , carved wood or inlaid stone , the texture creates a visual impact contrasting with the naturalness of the terrifying tones that cover garden vases , decorative mandalas , water fountains and organizing baskets . The idea is to play with expressive and smooth textures, balancing them in an asymmetrical or informal way, without exceeding them, to give rise to a harmonious, inspiring and warm language.

Zen: spirituality as a basis for boho design

Decorative objects that promote the elevation of consciousness and inspire inner peace.

In boho design everything vibrates! And this energy of transformations and movement that it inspires is also intimately connected with the spiritual essence of nature and the beliefs that empty the weight of the soul to make it go beyond what it sees on the horizon. Hence the importance of including links that establish this path as decorative or utilitarian arts with Zen concepts. While the organic shapes of furniture and candle holders honor the connection with the power of nature, the simplicity and lightness that constitute the aesthetics of Buddhist arts are visual additions that ennoble the connection with spirituality and create environments of peace .

The space's lighting is also an aid to interiorizing, accessing the Buddha's wisdom within, and maintaining the boho essence in the decor . It is worth taking advantage of natural light with large windows, inviting nature to light up inside the house. If you have limited access to sunlight or are looking for something more intimate, you can invest in candlelight . The flame acts as a focus in meditation practice and gives a special mystical touch to bohemian decor .

As you can see, there is no correct formula for boho chic , everything is a matter of visual interest if it causes a pleasant and liberating feeling. Style building is individual and part of how things feel and make sense to you. It comes from the ability to transform memories of places, moments and people into textures , that is, into experiences and visual perceptions. It is this mixture that makes the environment more unpretentious and cozy. Tell us which one is yours!


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