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Wood art is one of the precious artistic manifestations that make up the Minas Gerais handicraft developed by Curral da Cor . Based in Prados-MG, located 186 km from the capital Belo Horizonte, whose artisan craft stands out on the national scene, the atelier continues to transform interior decoration with the warmth of Minas Gerais while building a beautiful history valuing small workers and the concept of sustainability.

The refined aesthetic sense and the wide cultural repertoire run in the veins of the Carvalho family, involving father, mother and son in different ways in each new craft work. The trajectory of these craftsmen from Minas Gerais starts with Marlon and his harmonious relationship with the design of pyrogravure on leather and the colors of graphite. Painting a wooden ounce opened new horizons for the artist who, alongside his wife Kelly, colored an old corral, transforming it into a studio: the Curral da Cor .

The woodwork produced in this specialized workshop or purchased from small artisans in Minas Gerais are personalized with artistic paintings in their own style. His stylized wooden artifacts encompass different categories of art, showing the technical quality of artisans who acquire know-how through practice. The path opened by the parents is also followed by Lucas Carvalho with excellence, creativity and good humor.

Religious art: wooden sculptures with spiritual connection


The mining atelier bets on wood crafts to create peaceful environments.

Taking us out of the commonplace is characteristic of all art. The same goes for Curral da Cor 's creations focused on spiritual beliefs. By embracing different types of wood crafts , from decorative to utilitarian objects, the atelier from Minas Gerais transforms spirituality into an essential concept for the decoration of peaceful environments . Decorative sculptures of angels with wings , images of the Divine Holy Spirit and large rosaries assume the role of a differentiating element to create this harmonious space.

They are unique and colorful pieces that have a touch of humor, emphasizing the warm feeling transmitted by natural wood . In this line of crafts from Minas Gerais, all religions and beliefs are considered, demonstrating that the fundamental of religious art is to promote genuine beauty and positivity. Figurine figurines with crucifixes and decorative masks of Orixás are some of these works with painting on wood that will make the interior of the house or work environment even more balanced.

Naturalist art: fauna and flora shaping wood art

brazilian-birds-birds-fauna-sculpture-wood-home-handmade-decor-corral-color-incense holder

Nature and its color harmony are the main inspirations of Curral da Cor.

Fauna and flora are constant inspirations in the development of paintings , incense burners and wooden figurines at Curral da Cor . The artisanal work of naturalist art, motivated by nature and everything that integrates it, is composed of a varied artistic repertoire, faithfully representing it, but without being guided by realism to give more freedom to the craftsman's sensitivity and technique.

Art and nature are sometimes presented in parts, such as wings and feathers , sometimes merged into a compilation of small floral pieces, individually made in carved wood, to later color vases as wall paintings. In addition to beauty, handicrafts like these generate income and opportunities for growth for small partner artisans.

Cultural art: references to indigenous culture and tribal designs


African ethnic designs and indigenous tribal paintings inspire decorative masks.

Art and culture meet in the ethnic painting of wooden masks at the Curral da Cor studio, breaking with the physical spaces between Brazilian and African indigenous ethnic groups. The artistic painting by its artisans is a combination of techniques carried out in meticulous stages to guarantee the quality and durability of the piece. The color background forms the basis for a colorful painting with details, which is then waxed and polished, fixing the ethnic designs and promoting a glossy finish.

Patterns with geometric shapes and a triad of colors - based on natural pigments such as annatto, clay and genipap - display the best of tribal art with tribal paintings as well as the spiritual connection of ancient African masks as inspiration. In the same context, indigenous cultural differences in Brazil are valued as each decorative mask , developed exclusively, expresses differentiating elements of each ethnic group. Arts from peoples such as the Pataxó , Huni Kuin , Guajajara , Carajás , Bororós and Ricbactas become enriching decorations.

Children's art: robot toys and tops that evoke playfulness


Wooden toys from Curral da Cor make children's decoration more fun.

By turning creations to natural raw materials, Curral da Cor also brought to the atelier the concern with the environmental impact of its productions. The use of reused wood and the separation of waste are some of the measures adopted to minimize this and the ones that most encourage the inventiveness of craftsmen like Lucas. In his hands, pieces of wood and hardware become ingenious toy robots and original decorations for children's rooms. Piet Mondrian , Saint Francis of Assisi and Sumo fighters are some references of his special creations.

In addition to the wooden robots , the colored spinning tops are children's handicrafts that recall the old times, whose handmade toys , which took up time and space in the rooms of children and young people. With an increased size, sometimes with an elongated crown or triplicate turns, the wooden spinning top proposed by artisans from Minas Gerais brings a cozy rustic aesthetic, with colorful paintings of stripes or aged geometric shapes that vibrate the vintage .

The references worked with a wealth of details and the diversity contemplated in each piece of Curral da Cor shows the importance of the role of art as culture, as well as that of culture in the new ways of producing and exhibiting art: in the environment. The warmth of the people from Minas Gerais and the art of wood is at the heart of Marlon and Kelly's works , which positively transform interior decoration. Be sure to enjoy them in our online store !


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Maridalva Sousa Silva
Maridalva Sousa Silva

Interessante como o conceito de arte e artista são reformulados com essas criações.

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