Hawaiian style Tiki arts for tropical decor

Tiki Arts are inspired by the Tiki God , a legendary Polynesian ancestral deity. All artistic Tiki reproductions are based on Polynesian culture and folklore, also known as Hawaiian style , portray the beauty and history of the Polynesian Islands , located in the South Pacific, full of culture, natural paradises, surfing, ceremonies and dances of hula always with lots of colors and flowers.

Dances, ceremonies and natural paradises form the Polynesian culture. Photo: reproduction

With an exotic essence , the Tiki Arts became popular in the world of interior decoration and they also influenced musical productions, dances, fashion, gastronomy and cinema around the world. So much that the culture has become popular in recent years, a term was created for fans around the world, making them "Tikiphiles" .

Tiki Bar: mix of gastronomy, drinks, music and decoration. Photo: reproduction

Usually Tiki crafts are carved in wood, resulting in decorative masks and totems that portray spiritual gods, each having a different meaning, but always related to strength, bravery and wisdom.

Tiki art from the Hawaiian Collection at the Arte & Tune online store.

As we know, our climate is not very different from the Hawaiian climate, isn't it!? Brazilian tropicality and Tiki arts combine, making them ideal pieces for decorating beach houses, leisure areas, lounges, living rooms, bedrooms, bars, restaurants, açaí houses, etc..

Frankie's Tiki Room with striking decor and Hawaiian essence. Photo: reproduction

At the Art & Tune store you will find exclusive Tiki handicrafts ! We have a collection composed of benches , sculptures , masks , signs , boards and totems that will make you a legitimate "Tikiphile" .

Gabriel Alvares Prist - Art & Tune

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