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Our story, materialized in the Arte & Tune online store , began in 2012 or even before that, when the search for a purpose became urgent and necessary. In this context, traveling, encountering different cultures and accessing artisanal works that local people produced indicated that it was not worth keeping all of this to ourselves.

We were guided by the idea that more and more people needed to have access to different cultures, to arts that promote well-being, as well as to make their homes a true temple through decoration .

Opening of the first physical store in Florianópolis facade-store-physics-art-sintonia-cafe-decor-florianopolis

Arte & Tune opens a physical arts and decorations store with a gastronomic space for coffee.

The certainty that consumption and decoration are tools of self-knowledge and spiritual connection when we are aware of the cultural and material value of each piece has guided us throughout the time. And so, we propose to our customers a new relationship with the purchase and a new look at the product - valuing its history and the role of the craftsman .

With that, our journey, as challenging as it was, became even more connected with what we believe to the point of making it possible to create a physical space that unites art , decoration and gastronomy .

Environment with the essence of the virtual store

Nature is a link between the decorative arts in our online store and is also connected with the physical space.

With months of research and planning we found a space in Florianópolis-SC with a view of Lagoa da Conceição . And since nature is a spiritual and artistic link present in many of the arts we sell, there would be no more special place to start the new trajectory of Arte & Tune , even more in tune with customers.

To add to the December celebrations, we decided that it was time to receive them and serve them with eyes in their eyes, maintaining the same personalized form as the virtual store .

Diversified product mix with website arts

With the physical store in Florianopolis, it became easier to feel the energy of our decorative arts up close.

The charming little house with a rustic-style deck on Rua Ver. Osni Ortiga , number 949 in Lagoa da Conceição, has become the right address for those who want to feel the good vibes of our decorative arts up close, in unison with the well-being that the space and services of the cafeteria offer. Only a welcoming environment like this can be in harmony with the selection of products that make interior decoration warmer and more exclusive.

The product mix is ​​as diversified as in the online store and offers masks , screens and panels for wall decoration ; lanterns , sconces and lampshades for lighting ; handmade furniture such as benches , sideboards and tables ; sculptures , water fountains and vases for gardens ; in addition to the most desired Zen items such as incense , mandalas and Buddhas .

Space with cafeteria that unites art, decoration and gastronomy

The space has a coffee that is enjoyed on the deck overlooking Lagoa da Conceição.

The café integrated into the decor store only expands the delight of the senses with the best of cuisine that is enjoyed with a view of Lagoa da Conceição. In this context, the sunset seen on the deck with pergola becomes a gift for customers. Nature is also found in the foliage that embraces the store's architecture and energizes everyone who passes by.

The charming rustic furniture gives a special touch to the environment, as well as the natural fiber lamps , the handcrafted sconces , the decorative fountains and the other zen arts that decorate each space that was designed to make the customers' experience even more pleasant.

The Zen essence is in every detail

Spirituality and the essence of Zen are present in every detail of the decoration of the physical store.

The Zen essence that you already know remains in harmony with the new Arte & Tune cycle where you are the main protagonist. Your presence here, in the virtual store and now in the physical store is essential for us to continue on this journey that is transformative for artisans , for us and for your home. After all, the art that they create, that we sell and that you buy makes the positivity of the creative process flow and involve a little more soul in the decoration .

With gratitude we look forward to your visit at Arte & Tunton Café | Decor .


Milene Sousa - Art & Tune



Uma delícia! Comida gostosa, ambiente agradável, cheio de plantinhas e de frente p lagoa.


Gostaria de saber valor da fonte ganashe de 38 cm, por favor!

Angela Diaz
Angela Diaz


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