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It is natural for the arts to provoke feelings or rescue memories through their artistic styles ; but by moving away from the traditional understanding of sculpture to speak to the soul, abstract art achieves a genuine connection with our inner selves. Concept easily understood through the words of the modernist sculptor Constantin Brancusi when he says that the real is not the exterior, but the essence; it being, therefore, impossible to express something essentially real just by imitating its surface.

The naturalness of the forms, almost intending the movement of abstract sculpture , together with the freedom of proportions and the intuitive experimentation of techniques and materials, make it an expressive decorative art in the environment, free from the realistic aesthetics and with ideals of perfection of the traditional figurative arts .

abstract-yogi-meditating-wood sculpture
Abstract art distances itself from the understanding of sculpture and connects with essence.

The period of modernization in the 19th century was the great driver of new artistic movements in the 20th century, such as Italian Futurism , Dadaism , Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism , which impelled avant-garde sculptors to introduce original and abstract aesthetics into sculptures , without fidelity to realistic representation, expressing in forms what is immaterial and only felt.

In the abstract style, art ceased to rely on the similarity of everything that exists and became free, it became a tool of expression that connects the essence of things - whether spiritual, philosophical, ritualistic or historical. This freedom is extended to the understanding of the spectator who interprets and is sensitive to the work according to its history and cultural baggage.

Abstract sculpture exalts freedom and the concept from which the work of art is elaborated.

Artists such as Jean Arp , Henry Moore , Constantin Brancusi and Barbara Hepworth gave new dimensions to sculpture by challenging the traditional concept of a work of art , defending value and function above the geometric principles it uses, that is, the use of the concept as a main aspect reflecting substantially on creation, which becomes more spontaneous and intuitive.

While some explored creativity using techniques or materials, others sought their own non-representational ways of conveying emotions or materializing their creative and thought processes. By minimizing rationality, they created original narratives, especially in direct sculpture , exploring simple forms and embracing possibilities.

Rationality is minimized along with exploring ways to create original concepts.

Biomorphic art , rooted in nature, is the sculpture line most used by craftsmen on the Island of Bali, who skillfully carve feelings and peculiarities of everyday life and Balinese beliefs. The works demonstrate the creativity and artistic sensitivity capable of transmitting the essence of a culture to access the soul of those who use them in decoration .

By using the traditional suar wood ( rain tree ) as a raw material for abstract sculptures , Balinese craftsmen achieve a high level of resistance in addition to the favorable natural rustic aesthetics of wood that provides visual interest and promotes warmth in the environment.

Sculptures based on biomorphism reveal the soul of the piece and the sensitivity of the artisans.

In short, all sculpture , abstract or figurative , suggests emotions; and your look is what will direct their meaning in interior decoration. When accessing our virtual store , you will find a varied selection of materials and styles of sculptures . Be aware of what they awaken in you!


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