Art Mundi - 16th World Craft Fair

A few years ago, the Mendes Convention Center , located in Santos , opened its doors to receive Art Mundi , the World Handicraft Fair, which brings together culture, art , fashion, decoration and gastronomy.

Between the 7th and 16th of September 2018, it once again hosted the event, which is now in its 16th edition and had our presence, displaying the decorative arts from our virtual store Arte & Tune , among the more than 100 exhibitors from several Brazilian states and more than 10 countries.

Buddha sculptures welcomed visitors and balanced the energies of the stand.

Located less than 1.5 km from the seafront of Santos , the venue is considered one of the most complete and modern venues for holding events. It features a multifunctional modular structure designed especially for fairs like this one, where entrepreneurs and artisans transform their stands into real art galleries with personalized spaces .

And to make this experience even more special, we extended our decorative arts in a charming lounge , with buddhas , dreamcatchers , cushions and wooden sculptures such as animals and a pair of wings , to offer a zen space in which visitors could meditate , connect themselves, have fun and record this precious moment.

The most visited place in Art Mundi: our Zen space. Photo: Playback | @jaiamaria

If, like us, you also believe in energy , you can imagine how rewarding it was to receive people at our stand , like this: eye to eye, and feel them totally in tune with our essence and purpose. It's amazing how the universe connects us to people with the same frequency!

It was rewarding to show up close the quality and richness of detail of our pieces, exchange experiences, hear incredible comments about the result of 4 intense days of assembly that preceded the start of the fair and realize, through the reaction of visitors, that the space was exactly how our decorative arts make the environment : extremely welcoming .

“I wish I lived here” and “I don't feel like going out” were frequent comments at the stand .

Our mission at Art Mundi was not just to close deals, it was to exchange energy, inspire, value local handicrafts from Indonesia , India , Morocco , Turkey , Brazil , among other places we visited, and propose a new look at decorative arts aimed at well-being.

We are very grateful for all the people who were present at the event and made our stand and our zen lounge the most visited spaces at the fair, as the Jornal Tribuna da Globo de Santos highlighted in an article also highlighting our chandeliers and light fixtures .


We would like to thank the organization of the 16th World Handicraft Fair , the team at Diretriz Eventos , who were extremely helpful and attentive throughout the planning, assembly and exhibition process. Our success is undoubtedly the result of the work of many people.

All decorative arts exhibited at the event are available in our virtual store . There you will find sculptures , lamps , decorative objects for walls , pieces for home decor , garden decorations , furniture and lots of Zen art . Then share with us what you think!


Milene Sousa - Art & Tune

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