Cultural environment – ​​Interior decoration with ethnic style

Creating a thought-provoking and warm interior with multicultural influences from different countries can seem challenging. And that's why furniture and decorative objects traditions of each culture give space to pieces with a reinterpretation in the design, adding modern concepts that arouse visual interest so that the environment has less risk of looking caricatured to the point of losing the central aspect: personality.

In this context, it is necessary to consider nuances that go beyond the pieces, the meanings they have, the places and periods they originate. It is necessary to keep in mind that what makes interior decoration truly authentic is you, your essence. And build from how you feel about the furniture and artwork with an ethnic style , an eclectic inspiration that converts the mystical appeal of the set into a cultural environment.

Ethnicity: ancestry as an accent for comfy decor

Wooden furniture and tribal arts share space to make the decor warm and comfortable.

Most of the sculptures , vases and paintings that vibrate ethnicity bring the connection with spirituality imbued in the exotic appearance. And this is also because ethnic connects with ancestral stories, anchoring an ancient and comforting appeal. This relationship is perceptible both in the predilection for natural raw materials such as wood , especially that with a worn natural appearance, and in the representation of primitive peoples – highlighting characteristics of tribal aesthetics.

Rustic furniture and accessories made from natural fibers warm the environments in the same way and create spaces that embrace those who approach them. In these interiors, organizing baskets are wildcards and can complement the look with functionality, keeping extra blankets and pillows in storage. When they share the surface with natural rattan furniture, they increase the feeling of comfort they convey.

Rustic furniture: industrial design and round shapes

The combination of industrial style furniture with round shapes proposes a balanced look.

The ethnic style of Indonesia and India integrates very naturally in the rustic decor. Both countries feed on ancestral knowledge to keep it alive and spread it mainly through decorative art . The craftsmen manage to capture the essentials of ancient manufacturing techniques, concepts and aesthetics and reproduce them in a more attractive outfit that evokes modern boho .

The touch of industrial style, in turn, marked by the combination of raw wood and metal in the design with the round shape, develops a link between antiquity and modernity and establishes a balanced counterpoint in home decor. These raw materials manifest themselves neutrally and can be easily coordinated with decorative objects of other styles. In addition, the round shapes in wooden furniture enhance the cozy feeling they convey!

Color dots: ethnic designs and multicolored details

Colored glass and mother-of-pearl show a different configuration of ethnic style from the lighting.

The extra vibrancy in spaces with rustic decoration is in charge of the colors that brighten up the bohemian look and bring more softness to furniture made of natural materials. The colorful prints with ethnic designs inspired by aboriginal weavings and paintings or that refer to the natural tribal context, for example, fulfill the role of inserting points of color with proportionality. This integration is easier when the motifs are present on the pillows !

Another way of bringing colors to the forefront of decor is through lighting. Table lamps from Turkish culture that boast colorful mosaics and metal and mother-of-pearl candle holders from the Philippines demonstrate with the purest art a distinct ethnic configuration and transform the atmosphere by incorporating warmth by radiating colors with the warm light of the lamp or candle .

Mystical decoration: Zen art as a guide to spirituality

arts-zen-orin-candle holder-rechaud-vase-ethnic-style-decoration-interiors
By evoking spirituality, ethnic converts objects of Zen practice into mystical arts.

By remembering the ethnic ancestry, it maintains the spiritual connection, contemplating the decoration with a mystical soul, whose impression it provokes goes beyond the beauty of a cohesive and pleasant setting. In this context, objects that evoke spirituality, whether indigenous , Buddhist or African , are transformed into Zen arts and integrate interiors with cultural value.

The craftsmanship is, without a doubt, an important link between the aesthetics and the essence that make the pieces give a new meaning to the space and convert it into an ideal place to disconnect from the external noise and go inside. This particularity is also essential in environments created to welcome people, since it tends to make them more relaxed and at ease.

Decorative objects like these are always available in our online store , giving new meaning to decoration with high purposes and turning your home into a legitimate temple.


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