Bali Feminine Accessories - 4 Models of Natural Straw Handbags

That the island of Bali is surrounded by art - utilitarian and decorative - on all sides is nothing new. The versatility of handmade products available in our virtual store , made with the most diverse materials, does not allow us to lie. However, when it comes to fashion and women's accessories, the real highlight is the unique braided straw bags , usually rattan, wicker or ata grass .

In addition to being sustainable and abundant raw materials in Indonesia , natural straw stands out for its flexibility for artisans to handle and after being braided, they provide resistance to the final product that is handcrafted , piece by piece, by Balinese artisans. This detail reinforces the exclusivity of the bags from Bali , as there are no identical models as they present small distinctions in design, size, color and details.

The variety of patterns ( rapports ) promoted by the wefts and warps of the straw woven into different shapes promotes a sui generis rustic appeal. The decorations follow the same line and are also distinctive factors in the basket bag, from the inside or the outside surface, such as batik fabric, fringes, macramé, pompons, crochet , Indian embroidery with mirrors ( shisha ), cowrie shells, beads, leather, among others . See 4 models of handcrafted bags from Bali most desired!

Natural rattan straw round bag

The round bag is the most famous model made by Indonesian craftsmen in the world. It is predominant in three sizes (small, regular and large) and features leather details and batik lining - traditional Balinese fabric with handmade painting. The natural fiber braiding is done in a circular pattern that varies the spacing according to the design designed by the craftsman, resulting in unique and more resistant pieces.

The warm tone, soft touch and surface shine, peculiar to this rattan wicker or straw bag format, are obtained by means of a coconut oil coating and the drying process through smoking with coconut shells. Both processes instil a characteristic natural aroma in basketry that dissipates over time.

Braided straw bag backpack

The backpack bag is a straw bag for those looking for a piece with natural and ethnic aesthetics.

Some handcrafted bags marketed in Bali are sometimes inspired by accessories from other provinces in Indonesia and sometimes are purchased from them to stimulate local trade. This is the case of this Borneo bag backpack , developed by the Dayak ethnic group , an indigenous tribe native to Kalimantan Island , belonging to the province of Borneo .

The simple tote bag shape is accentuated by the natural aesthetic. The intertwined weaves of wild natural rattan , sourced from sustainable plantations, form extremely symbolic geometric patterns on the body of the backpack called by the Dayak Anjat . The application of fringes and whelks, in turn, emphasize the ethnic appeal of the primitive origin and give the accessory a special touch.

Bucket bag with ethnic designs

The bucket bag is for those who prefer large and practical types of bags without leaving style aside.

The straw bucket bag imported from Bali has the same origin (or inspiration) as the bag backpack and features Dayak ethnicity graphics as surface design and differentiating factor. The rattan strips are handcrafted to form ethnic designs and make the piece more structured and resistant. In addition to the classic black and white (represented by the organic black pigmentation and the raw tone of the fiber), the size and practicality of this model are attractive, making it an accessory for many occasions.

However, this bucket bag is more than authentic craftsmanship; its basketwork is a cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of Indonesia that has endured for generations. The woven straw Ikat pattern has designs that range from everyday icons to mystical meanings. The combination generates a unique and timeless piece, both in terms of aesthetics and symbology.

Natural fiber tote bag

The Bali tote bag is a type of large bag, whose inverted trapeze shape grants space and practicality. Not surprisingly, it transitions easily between natural and urban environments when used as a beach bag or shopper bag. (from shopping). The medium handles are quite reinforced and guarantee comfort on the shoulders or hands even if the accessory is heavy.

The manufacturing process is 100% handmade and can take up to a month per piece. In this model, for example, the natural rattan fiber is used in a malleable way to make the final product lighter. However, the final touch is left to the personalized details with other types of crafts such as embroidery and fabric appliqués, crochet, beads, shells and colored pompoms .

Bali handbags are handicrafts that display and value Balinese culture in the details: from the tropical climate with straw and whelks; going through basketry techniques passed down from generation to generation; to the graphics of indigenous ancestry . More than accessories with a rustic style , they are arts to be used every day and legitimize the idea that handmade is the new luxury.


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