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Pandil Women Barong Dancers


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    Like all Balinese art, this delicate decorative wooden panel showcases Indonesia's rich cultural heritage and its strong connection with Hinduism.
    Dance, theater and history are part of everyday life in Bali and are the perfect combination to inspire the creativity of carved wood art made by Balinese craftsmen.

    Flowing in synchrony to the rhythm of the gamelan, a percussion musical ensemble characteristic of the islands of Java and Bali, the female dancers illustrate the great battle between the duality of good and evil, which in Balinese mythology is represented by Barong, leader of the forces of good, and the witch Rangda.

    According to Balinese tradition, Barong dance is performed when the village goes through some misfortune, and it is necessary to invoke the forces of good through offering ceremonies to dispel the evil that surrounds them.

    With rustic sculpture and colorful artistic painting in aged tones, which reinforce the antique appeal, the wooden padil highlights the great value of the popular culture of Bali, which crosses the centuries materialized in the most sophisticated decorative arts, such as this piece, which shows a enriching highlight for the wall decor!

    Part Size:
    Height 20cm x Width 50cm x Depth 01cm
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