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Assurini Indigenous Ethnic Mask 22cm


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    The Assurini do Tocantins decorative mask ( Akuáwa Asurini ) is a wooden art for wall decoration developed by artists from Minas Gerais at Curral da Cor, in order to enhance the beauty and cultural richness of the body painting traditions of this indigenous Brazilian ethnic group located no stop. The characteristic black and red produced, respectively, by jenipapo and urucu allow the Asurinis Indians to create a rich graphic art, whose detailed ethnic drawings with geometric shapes inspire the artistic painting of this carved wooden mask. In addition to the unique beauty, the piece has protection reinforced by the waxed and polished finish. It comes with a metal triangle hanger, which is attached to the back of the indigenous mask, making it easy to hang on the wall without damaging it.

    A surprising wall art to make the decoration more personalized!

    Part dimensions:
    Height 22cm x Width 16cm x Depth 02cm
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