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Sculpture Goddess Sekhmet 27cm


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    Represented with a female body and a lion's head, the statue of Sekhmet is a symbol of power, despite being considered the Goddess of War in Ancient Egypt. Its iconography is composed of the figure of the lion that manifests characteristics of the personality of the Egyptian goddess such as power, ferocity and bravery. The seated posture on a throne is one of the different forms of illustration of Sekhmet, who holds Ankh or the Cross Ansata, symbol of life, stability, power and domination. At the top of the head, Sekhmet carries a solar crown, in reference to Ra - the Sun God and its creator -, as well as the Uraeus snake that represents the story of its creation. According to Egyptian legend, dissatisfied with the non-compliance with his laws, Ra took a snake from his eye that turned into a lion and gave rise to Sekhmet. He sent her to Earth to uphold justice by eliminating deserters.

    Part dimensions:
    Height 27cm x Width 13cm x Depth 13cm
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