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Wooden Buddha Head 80cm


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    The head of the Buddha is a powerful image in Buddhist art that symbolizes the Buddha's wisdom accessed through enlightenment.

    In the characteristic details that make up this wooden mask referencing the iconography of the Historical Buddha, there are symbols of his path in the middle path of Buddhism that inspire purification and spiritual elevation. The colorful handmade painting with white skin and silver hair (silver) endorses the special value of this zen art that raises the energy of the environment and transforms the style of the wall decoration.

    Right on top of the head a bulge (ushnisha) and the curly hair emphasizes the divine wisdom and spiritual power of an enlightened being. The sign on the forehead (bindu at the level of the third eye or frontal chakra) together with the closed eyes demonstrate the life dedicated to meditation and self-improvement obtained with silence, spiritual perception and visualization of the absolute.

    The elongated lobes and wide holes demonstrate the material detachment and the renunciation of the luxury of the old monarchical life of Siddhartha Gautama, whose excess of jewels and princely adornments weighed down the ears and lengthened them.

    Part Size:
    Height 80cm x Width 30cm x Depth 15cm

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