Tibetan Bowl - Tibetan bell for healing and meditation

Orin , Tibetan bowl , singing bowl , Tibetan bell and sound bowl are some of the names attributed to this ancient instrument used for therapeutic purposes , which leads us to the essence of Eastern philosophies: the connection with the whole and the search for balance between body, mind and spirit. Nearly 50 types of ancient bowls have been identified in the Himalayas, of which 8 are best known: Thadobati , Jambati , Naga , Mani , Ultabati , Manipuri , Lingam and Remuna .

The Tibetan bowl is a powerful instrument that embodies the healing power of sound.

Like everything involving Asian culture , the Tibetan bowl also retains many beliefs and stories surrounding its creation. And although it is linked to Tibet , a large part of its production is made in Nepal and India , where the metallurgical practice is handcrafted and millenary. It is believed that the first bowls date back 5000 years and were made purely from copper. There is also a belief that it was initially manufactured with sacred metals from the sky - fragments of meteorites found in the Himalayan mountains. However, the vast majority were made with an extremely strong alloy of copper and tin bronze.

Using Orin in decoration is a way to include your vibe in the environment.

The constitution through metallic alloys with diverse combinations and variations of 2 to 12 types of metals is more recent. They are brought together in the fire until completely mixed to be hammered into shape under a concave base. Each one used with an intention, presenting peculiar sound effects and vibrations instilled with therapeutic powers . The thickness and size of Tibetan bowls also vary, with the most traditional ones having diameters from 5 cm to 40 cm. Its interior and exterior are painted with a careful choice of colors, Buddhist symbols and mantras . And it is worth noting that its structure is extremely important, since variations in alloy, thickness and diameter alter the weight, quality and, consequently, the sound that will be emitted.

Mantras and symbols are engraved on the outside of the bowl to aid meditative practice.

Next to it comes a wooden stick (or “ hammer ”) - responsible for intermediating human energy and the bowl in the production of sound . In some cases, a small pillow is also included , to balance the bowl and leave the sound free from external interference. The strident gong sound , produced by the impact of the wooden hammer on the outer side of the bowl, can mark moments (initials, changes or endings) of a physical practice, such as yoga , or a mental practice, such as meditation .

Continuous vibrating sound relaxes and balances the chakras, aiding the healing process.

On the other hand, the continuous vibrating sound , extremely relaxing, caused by the friction and subtle pressure of the hammer to the external side of the bowl with uninterrupted circular movements, is able to grant the highest medicinal action , when acting on our psychic and energetic bodies, unblocking, energizing and balancing the chakras - energy centers of the body. The unique beauty of this handcrafted instrument , associated with its energy, also makes it possible to use it in environments such as decorative art .

Tibetan bowls are handcrafted, being the most traditional in India and Nepal.

Herbs, incense, mantras and water are great allies in meditative and healing rituals , as they enhance the vibrations of the bowl . Without leaving aside the entire manufacturing process, which is handcrafted , as the energy that is put into manufacturing, along with all its peculiarities, is also what makes it a powerful therapeutic instrument . We hope this article has brought you as much knowledge as it has for us. And be sure to check out the selection of Tibetan bowls we produce for our online store . There, you will also find the pillow for sale , if the chosen model does not include it.


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