Estatua divindade hindu Shiva para a festa do dia de Shiva Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri - How to Enjoy the Cosmic Opening of Shiva's Day


If I could, I would go back to elementary school. It would be an incredible experience to review stories, ideas and concepts that I saw at a time in my life when I barely knew what life was.

It's so easy to look back in history and see what great people did or discovered in the fields of science. But today, when I stop to think about it, putting myself in their shoes… Those were times when there were only unanswered questions. Where we came from? What I have to do? Etc.

And for me, a 21st century human, it is so fascinating that the gap between what ancient cultures said and what modern science says is getting smaller and smaller. It's interesting to see how the narratives are repeating themselves.

Shiva, the Secret of Everything

Charles Darwin presented humanity with his work “The Origin of Species” in 1859. Until then, the question “where did we come from?” echoed between generations without a conclusive answer. Only in 2017, when a survey was able to prove something that Carl Sagan said in the last century:

“we are made of stardust”

is that we had a more solid foothold to begin silencing one of the questions that has most troubled philosophers and scientists for years.

India, as a republic, is a child of just over 70 years old. Its people and culture, on the other hand, have been around for millennia, they are elders who know more than we realize, masters who have had this answer for a long, long time.

Over the centuries, social life has transformed the Indian lifestyle, but across the country, several annual festivals are still celebrated.

One of these great festivals is Maha Shivaratri, the “Great Night of Shiva” . The (great) night of the new moon, the portal that opens before us to the new.


Maha , "great"
Shiv , “Lord Shiva”
ratri , "night"

Although the event happens once at a time (Shivatri), after all, every month has a new moon, one of these times is more special. At first, this day is just a tribute to god Shiva . But, looking closely, it is a day when we can expand consciousness and awaken our own divine.

This celebration assumes that our physical body emerged from the Earth ( and this is the point that intrigues me: how did these people know something that Science only discovered so recently?) , we and the Earth are seen as one thing.

From this perspective, it is believed that everything that happens in our solar system has the power to influence us, after all, we are part of this same system.

painted face guru

The effects of Maha Shivaratri

On the night of Maha Shivratri – which in 2022 of our calendar happens on March 1st –,  Because of the Earth's tilt in its rotation, a large amount of energy reaches our planet , mainly in the northern hemisphere.

To take advantage of this event,
we get in touch with the divine within.

Plants change behavior, the sea rises ... things happen! As that song said “ if the moon touches the sea, it can touch us sorry, new generation, we are cringe . Jokes aside, the invitation to reflect is:

If this energy causes the tides to rise, why not understand that it can raise our inner tide?

An even more important question:

What kind of feeling and thought am I cultivating inside?

In other words: what energies will be potentialized in me?

It is worth saying that the phase of the moon does not create or transmute any energy or mood, it only strengthens what is already present within you . Those who are emotional become more emotional, those who are confused become more confused, those who are meditative become more meditative, etc.

Meeting Lord Shiva

Is Shiva anyone? Does he have shape? Are you sitting somewhere?

Ravi Shankar, great Hindu spiritual leader, usually answers this question by asking another one: what is not Shiva?

In one of his classes, Sadhguru, another great master, explains that “Shiva” means “non-something”, that which is not something. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's the door that opens a connection to something bigger in life.

Shiva is what we cannot interact with any of the (five) senses. Neither see, nor touch, nor hear. A concept that our culture has taught us as “does not exist”, but “non-something” is not synonymous with not existing, it is just not something, it is not physical, it is not “sensible”. Still, it exists.

Lord Shiva is an invitation to look at what is beyond what we can see, touch, hear.

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Third Eye

It is a constant reminder of “everything that exists originated from nothing (non-something)”. Including this is the true meaning of "third eye". It's not about an organ that's going to pop out of your forehead and turn you into some kind of freak. No! It's just the fact that you can see beyond the 3D world captured by the eyes.

Shiva is the basic idea from which everything arises, without which nothing can be. Shiva is the invisible force present in the whole, Shiva is the entire Universe.

Scientific knowledge reflects ancient knowledge

Particularly, I find it very interesting that Science, with its maturity in the 21st century. XXI, is aware of the existence of some things in the Universe, but at the same time, has no idea what they are.

For example, what astrophysicists call “dark matter”. We know it exists, but we can't see it, and we don't know what it is.

Well, the understanding we now have about it is that dark matter is a “glue” that prevents stars from leaving their galaxies (you may have already seen a photo of one: they are like whirlpools, which rotate).

Dark energy, on the other hand, is something that accelerates the expansion of the Universe, the energy that “pushes” things along, almost like the force against gravity.

Both are called "dark", not because they have no light, but because they are obscure, they are unclarified mysteries.

I am not saying that Science and Hindus are saying the same thing. But if we stop to think that these people reached these conclusions at a time when they barely knew what the world was… it's impressive!

Shiva and the Yogi – Being Something vs. be nothing

To be something is simply to have some kind of limit, to fit within some concept, some kind of ruler that establishes where it starts and where it ends. To be non-something is to have no limits.

Being non-something is the cradle from which the essence of the yogi emerges, which transcends its physical nature to the point where it ceases to be “someone”, ceases to have limits and borders.

It may seem confusing, but the idea is simple: for example, we know where the center of a shed is, precisely because there are limits on all sides. And if these limits are removed, the center becomes the point where I am, wherever that is. No wonder our ancestors saw themselves as the center of the universe.

That is, that which has no limits can only be non-physical. It is a constant work of deconstructing limits (physical, emotional, social, dependencies, addictions, beliefs, etc.) and building expansions, growths and evolutions. Lord Shiva is also known as the god of destruction and construction.

How to harness all that energy

More important than asking or asking what Shiva can do for me on her big night, I need to ask myself first:

What can I do for myself?

What do I need to destroy in myself?

Equally important is having the understanding that this is not a one-time event, it is not a magical and miraculous night, but a lifestyle that I will lead over the months and years, so that when I get to this day, I have potentialized what I really want to potentialize.

Maha Shivratri is the symbolic day in which the essence of life touches the earth, it is the visit of consciousness, intelligence, truth, principle. Wherever I find myself, this energy will enhance me. Again: how do I want to be found? What do I want to expand in my life? What do I want to mitigate?

the power of silence

All of us, at some level, at some point, seek answers. About life, about work, purpose, family, choices, about the next step. We are chasing answers, running away from the pressure of questions. That's why our schedules are packed, our bars are full, that's why the pharmaceutical industry grows non-stop...

“OM” is not just a noise to repeat, over and over again. It is the primal sound of everything, and it is the source of answers.

“OM” is not about reciting, it is about listening.

Until we stop asking “where?”, “where?”, “how?”, “why?”, “what now?”... we will not hear the answers . Meditation is perhaps the best – perhaps the only – way to dialogue with something beyond the visible and understandable. It's the way to hear the answers and the return of what we ask.

Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the silence. Even if it's uncomfortable, even if it's confusing, even if you don't know or can't, even if it's noisy. Only through constant practice will you enter and maintain the frequency of flow .

It's not about a day (or a night), it's not about a legendary god. It's about life, it's about everything.

May Lord Shiva be a reminder to you of what you are and what you are not, what you can be, be whoever you want to be. May Shiva be a reminder that yes, you can.

Happy Maha Shivratri!

Happy Great Night of Shiva


I started hearing about the Law of Attraction in high school. The books and articles I read were very superficial (some still are), and I could hardly create what I really want. It seemed that the "secret" was still guarded. I looked for answers in many religions and cultures until I realized that the "secret" is within me.

I have everything I need, I just need to know how to use it.

Self-knowledge not only helped me to create what I want, but also freed me from anxiety and fears, healing the wounds that people and nights out failed to heal. I learned to control my attention, manage my energy, and see beyond what meets the eye.

Turns out this is all too good for me to keep to myself. Weaving science, psychology and spirituality, I share what our ancestors always said, but in a simple and updated way, so that it is applicable in 21st century life.

I am the author of " Letter of Resignation from Your Muggle Role " and " Notes from the Storm Within ".


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leandro santos Barbosa

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Muito interessante,saber sobre Shiva,o conhecimento desperta para o universo, Namastê!

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