Landscaping in garden decoration according to Feng Shui

The Chinese art Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years to create a harmonious and balanced environment. Based on astronomy and the compass being its main instrument, Feng Shui does not have a norm, but a single objective: to transform negative energies into positive ones.

Since almost everything interferes in the environment, such as colors, climate, shade, sun, textures, noise or silence, it is fundamental to try to modify everything that surrounds us so that it is possible to correct what may be wrong in an environment . This is exactly what Feng Shui prioritizes.

Talking to Habitissimo , we decided to give some tips on small changes that can completely change a landscaping project. They are techniques, which correctly applied in any size of garden, external or internal, can bring well-being to the people who enjoy that space.

Taking care of the landscaping balances the energy of the garden. Photo: Playback | Christine Wagner

Remember we talked about the compass? It is used to measure the meaning of buildings and thereby determine their possible potential. The central area of ​​a landscaping project should not have benches or plants, for example. It must be free so that energy can circulate without any hindrance. Another extremely important detail is to keep the garden always beautiful, with its plants and flowers healthy and very well cared for. Pruning, watering and fertilizing must be carefully planned and carried out periodically to keep the garden alive and lush.

Colors influence energy. Invest in flowers! Photo: Playback | Daia Kaspary

To decorate your garden, following Feng Shui techniques, it is recommended that you place green plants, but don't forget to invest in flowers. Many do not believe, but color has a lot of influence on the environment . The energy of a house, and even of a company, is directly linked to the colors that are used there. For example, red and pink flowers lead to romance. The white ones, on the other hand, attract useful people and the violet, or blue ones, maintain the virtue of the soul.

According to Feng Shui, water fountains balance Chi, the vital energy of the environment.

In addition to being extremely relaxing and beautiful, water fountains , according to Feng Shui , bring Chi balance through the “abundance” element. However, it needs to be in motion, that is, always flowing. Never leave your fountain turned off or with dirty water. This contaminates the whole environment . Therefore, make sure that the fountain is constantly free of slime, leaves or any other type of dirt.

Stones increase positivity and harmonize the garden. Photo: Playback | very habitable

Stones bring positivity and because of the little energy they release, they manage to have a quick connection with the earth, flowers and plants. The idea is to create a beautiful, well-ordered path where consistency and a harmonious relationship with the other elements dominate. Never place the stones in a random way and in a way that they have no use.

Inserting a wooden piece of furniture harmonizes the garden and makes it more welcoming.

If your landscaping project was created so that your garden was an appropriate place to receive friends and family, it is essential that you choose furniture made of wood . In addition to being super suitable for this type of environment , this material harmonizes perfectly with the elements of earth, water and fire, which ensures that the balance of Chi is maintained in the space and the place is filled with good energies .

See how small changes can create a perfect place? What did you think of these tips?

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